Why Maintain Your HVAC System?

Air conditioning maintenance is important to reliable indoor comfort whether reception during a residential space or at adding a billboard building. Routine AC maintenance will extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, improve your indoor air quality and comfort, and keep your electric and repair bills very low.

Keeping your HVAC equipment in good repair can prevent quite simply money and time; it can save your sanity. Imagine the lounging in your comfortable home in the dead of the winter when your heat pump fails or preparing for a summer party when your air conditioner malfunctions. Scrambling to seek out an AC technician before you’ve got to endure the discomfort of a breakdown is often stressful and time-consuming. Using a reputable HVAC company such as Air Specialist in the Las Vegas area for your HVAC maintenance can help you prevent HVAC repair emergencies.

Important HVAC Maintenance Items

Important HVAC Maintenance Items

An HVAC examination should include the following:

  • Thermostat setting assessment

Your settings should keep your space comfortable once you are around to enjoy it and alter to conserve power once you aren’t home.

  • Electrical connection check

Connections should be snug, and therefore the voltage and current readings should help reflect this.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication reduces resistance and helps you save energy.

  • Condensate drain examination

The condensate drain should be inspected to make sure that it’s not clogged or obstructed.

  • General operation assessment

A mechanic should check that the system starts, runs, and shuts off correctly.

  • Outdoor unit inspection

Debris and dirt should be far away from the world around the outdoor HVAC unit.

  • Fan assessment

The motor and blades on the fan should be checked to form sure they’re not damaged.

  • Air cleaner replacement

Air filters should get replaced regularly to take care of airflow and air quality.

What are you able to Expect from an AC Maintenance Appointment?

Expect from an AC Maintenance Appointment
When you entrust your home’s HVAC system in our hands, you’ll expect nothing in need of peak performance and long-term savings. A Las Vegas Air Conditioning maintenance inspection includes the following:

  1. Visual inspection of heating and cooling units
  2. Outdoor unit inspection to see for dirt and debris
  3. Fan assessment to see for damage to motor and blades
  4. air cleaner replacement to take care of airflow and Indoor air quality
  5. Inspection of ductwork
  6. Condensate drain examination to check for the clogs or obstructions
  7. Inspection of electrical connections
  8. Evaporator coil cleaning for efficient operation and the system longevity
  9. Inspection of refrigerant levels to safeguard efficient operation
  10. Thermostat setting assessment
  11. Lubrication of parts to reduce the resistance and save energy
  12. Blower maintenance and cleaning to take care of proper airflow
  13. Excellence in preventive AC maintenance

How to Set Up a Maintenance Agreement

Air Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning in Las Vegas offers HVAC maintenance contracts or one-time maintenance checkups. The company provides comprehensive maintenance that has things on the checklist above. We can found out a contract for routine maintenance or assess your HVAC system at any time. Keep your home comfortable with regular maintenance.