Why Influencers Need Merch to Make Money

Do you follow some small or big influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch? Have you noticed that a number of them push selling merchandise either in the videos, posts, descriptions, or main pages? The reason that they do this is because social influencers and content creators actually make more money off of selling merchandise than they do from anything else (ad revenue included). You can make your own brand and Youtube Chanel to get popular. At the start if you don’t have your own video for the Youtube then you can use Youtube Video Downloader to download some video which are useful and you can customize them along with your ideas.

Content creators like Pewdiepie frequently advertise their merchandise by wearing it and using it on screen (hoodies, t shirts, computer chair, and of course his famous G-FUEL shaker cup). In fact, a number of influencers have their own clothing line, including (and especially) Instagram models. With everyone trying to sell their own custom clothing, it’s no surprise that they’re doing it to try to make some extra cash.

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You Can Do it Too

You Can Do it Too

If you have a number of social media followers that’s in the 6 digits or more, you should consider investing in merchandise too. You can find silk screen printers online who can offer you tips for designing custom t shirts and other apparel, all at an affordable price. Nowadays it’s super easy to design and order your own custom clothing.

Silk screen printing can be done on a number of styles of clothing, including t shirts, hoodies, tank tops, pants, hats, bags and accessories. With so many options you could create a whole line of merchandise. The trick is to focus on a particular theme that will promote your brand.

Create a Brand

Merchandise is a great way to solidify your brand, or create one. For example, if you’re someone who likes to travel you could create a custom clothing line with a travel theme in mind. This could mean anything from graphic, stylized prints of places you’ve travelled to, to travel inspired phrases brand awareness that you’ve used in your posts, videos, etc.

Phrases in general are commonly used on customized merch from influencers, or the terms that they use to name their followers. For instance, Leon Lush has a line of ‘Tomato Mafia’ clothing which is what he calls his fanbase. Other things they may use include empowering statements that the influencer likes or maybe even some of their art if that’s what they dabble in.

Get Recognized

Get Recognized
Another great thing about merch is that it generates brand awareness for you. If fans are wearing your custom t shirts then they might have people asking them where they got it from, what it’s all about, etc., drawing interest to your social media account. From there, you can get more viewers/followers, and even further sell more merchandise, and get even more fans. Many companies use branded t shirts for this exact purpose – because it helps them get more customers.

You can do this too by casually wearing your merchandise in your photos and videos, showing off how great they look, and subtly putting your brand into the minds of your viewers. Think about wearing your custom clothing line in public too that way non-viewers will also get to see it – you could even maybe start a conversation up with a potential new fan.