What To Expect When Your Roof Needs An Inspection

Next, the roofing company such as Tip Top Roofing, will take a closer look at the integrity of the materials for common problems such as rust, dents, or weak areas that could cause leaking and lead to more damage in the sub roofing. This is often the cause of greater mold damage that can lead to an unsafe living environment. 

An Examination From The Ground

The process of a roof inspection with a roofing company starts with a simple view of the roof from the ground with the slope and profile analyzed to ensure they are in correct alignment with the body of the house. The inspector will examine the roof for signs of warping or misalignment with the ground. It’s possible that the roof has sustained damage if the house is old and has endured weather over the years.

The inspection will go all the way around the roof while on the ground to examine apparent signs of damage. If your roof is compromised then it would be wise to address the problem further in an expedient manner with trustworthy professionals who are skilled in roof repairs. Failing to do this will cost you dearly in the future and compromise the safety of everyone living there.

Checking The Roofing Materials

Next, the roofing company such as Tip Top Roofing, will take a closer look at the integrity of the materials for common problems such as rust, dents, or weak areas that could cause leaking and lead to more damage in the sub roofing. This is often the cause of greater mold damage that can lead to an unsafe living environment.

The inspector will determine at this point the appropriate action for your roof. In some cases, minor roof repairs can set you on a cheaper path. However, sometimes the damage may be so extensive that they recommend a full roof replacement if necessary. It’s a normal process for the roof to sustain damage over time, but some homes have let it go for far too long and created a more challenging situation that needs immediate attention.

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Rust And Cracks On Roof Flashing

The metal strip underneath the main roof is there to create a sealed environment where no leakage occurs. It is one of the main elements that keep the water out during a thunderstorm or long winter. This part of the roof has been known to warp and lose its sealing ability over time which can cause a lot of problems. When this part of the roof gets damaged enough it will inevitably cause water to leak through into the home during intense weather. It can also affect the home’s capacity for storing heat and open the door for dangerous mold that eats away at the house’s interior walls. Regular upkeep on a warped roof flashing is paramount to maintaining an efficient and safe roof and is one of the cornerstones of roof inspection.

Gutter Inspection

The main function of the gutters is to ensure that a large portion of the rainwater is properly collected and funneled off the house. This keeps the roof in good condition by reducing the amount of water present. However, if the gutters become clogged or warped then the water won’t collect and most of it will stagnate and absorb into the roof causing more damage. Although the gutters aren’t technically a part of the roof, they serve an imperative function for the overall performance and safety of your home. Without functioning gutters you will inevitably have leaks and mold invading your home at a relentless speed. The roofing company inspector will be sure to assess the condition of your gutters and let you know if they need replacing. In some cases, they can simply be repaired or cleaned. Examining your gutters during a storm can help gain insight into their current state of functionality.

Attic Ventilation And Insulation

Insulation levels will be checked in your attic to ensure that it is in good condition and at the optimal levels. Not only that, but they will also check around the attic for any potential pests or animals that could contribute to leaks and roof damage. Next, they will assess the airflow and ventilation of the attic by examining the support structure.

If it has any warping or obvious damage then this is indicative of a ventilation problem that needs to be addressed immediately. When it is too humid in the attic then this can spark problems such as accelerated mold and deterioration of the roof from the inside out. Heeding their suggestions in this situation is the wisest course of action because the longer you wait the more damage ensues and you run the risk of a roof collapse.

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Detecting Mold And Rot

Mold and mildew are common problems in the attic as it can be the hottest room in the house that makes a perfect environment for it. The roofer will assess the internal wood for signs of mold and if something is found then they will dig further to determine the source. This is a very serious topic because mold does far more damage than just the house’s structure. If left to rot it will affect your health and serve as a silent poison that hinders breathing and makes the house a major hazard. This is why it’s important to never ignore the advice of a professional roofer as they have your health interests in mind while examining for mold.

Checking Installation Quality

It’s not a guarantee that if you buy a home that the roof was properly installed because nothing is perfect. Roofers sometimes don’t do an adequate job which is why it’s important to hire a reputable company that can spot the difference between a flimsy job and an accurate one. The roofers will examine your roof’s condition and determine if it was installed improperly.

From there, they will make comprehensive suggestions based on their expertise to facilitate a smooth transition into a revamp of any roof. It’s important to listen to their suggestions intently and take swift action based on their knowledge if your roof was installed incorrectly. Oftentimes when your roof has these issues it may require a complete remodeling including the interior of the attic to achieve optimal levels of safety and longevity. A good inspector will have the wit to detect these imperfections and supply you with informed solutions for your health and peace of mind.