Ways You Can Apply To Optimize Your Kitchen Space

So take your notepad in hand, and jot down anything that you might wanna use an inspo for your next kitchen renovation. Let’s dive in.

Any person who cooks at home would tell you how important a beautiful kitchen is. But what to do when your kitchen is smaller than your expectation?

Fret not, in this post we’ll show you all the ways you can apply to optimize your kitchen space.

So take your notepad in hand, and jot down anything that you might wanna use an inspo for your next kitchen renovation. Let’s dive in.

8 ways you can optimize your kitchen space

We brought you 8 tried and tested methods that actually work. From utilizing cabinets to folding tables, we’ll go through them all! Read on to find more.

1. Don’t leave walls empty

When you’re dealing with a small kitchen, every empty space is your blessing. You’d be surprised at how much you can fit in your kitchen, just by utilizing every wall space.

You can do this by hanging a magnetic strip for your utensils. Also, you could install a pegboard and store your pots and pans in a trendy way. It’ll surely be both functional and eye-catching.

Moreover, you could opt for adding shelves to an empty wall. Depending on your needs, you could use these shelves as decoration or for plants.

If that’s not your thing, you could always opt for bigger shelves and use them to store your kitchen appliances.

Optimize Your Kitchen Space2

2. Keep the countertops clutter-free

When you have a small kitchen, you may want to use every bit of your countertop as precious storage. Don’t do this!

A cluttered countertop is only going to close in the kitchen and make it look super messy. What can you do instead? Rolling shelves and cabinets!

These bad boys can make even the tiniest space look spacious by keeping all the clutter out of sight. If you opt for rolling shelves, they can slide out of your cabinets whenever you want to reach out for that frypan.

They make searching for your kitchen items much easier. If you want to go big, consider getting a whole roll out cabinet. This may be efficient for any unused corners.

3. Use a curtain rod

A curtain rod is another hack that you can use in your kitchen to save a lot of space. Instead of dishing out a fortune, you can always hang one on any unused space like your window sill.

Simply install one and buy some hooks to go with them. Voila, now you can store your favorite mugs, spatulas, or saucepans somewhere you can reach for them anytime.

This will save your cabinet space. Moreover, it’ll also help keep your countertops clutter-free. Win-win!

Such a storage hack will look good anywhere in your kitchen. From your sinks to any unused wall, the options are endless. To know more such tips, you can visit housecareguide.com

4. Replace your kitchen table with a folding one

This one is a sneaky tip. Is your kitchen table taking up a lot of space? If the answer is yes, you can always replace it with a folding table. That way, you can still eat your meals while they’re warm, without compromise.

We wouldn’t recommend removing the kitchen table altogether. This is because it makes your space look way more sociable. Having add-ons like a kitchen table or island will make the kitchen look way cozy.

Also, you can double use this table as a workstation or just sipping tea with your family. After you’re done, you can simply tuck it away and save your precious floor space.

5. Use the inner side of cabinet doors

Now comes a ninja technique. Perhaps you’re filling your cabinets to the brim. But are you using it to its full potential? The inner side of your cabinet doors is a blessing when it comes to storage.

Here you can add wire racks and hooks to store spices, salt sprinklers, or practically anything. This way, they’ll be hidden from sight and you can reach for them anytime without effort.

You could assign different cabinet doors for different purposes. For example, the cabinet nearest to the stove could be for spices whereas the one far away could be for kitchen appliances.

Moreover, you could attach a small chalkboard to your cabinet and use it as a cute to-do list for groceries or kitchen items. It’ll surely be functional and add a touch of modern in your kitchen.

Optimize Your Kitchen Space3

6. Use the top of the cabinets

Now that we’re done with the inner walls of the cabinet, let’s talk about the top! This is another great way to keep any items that are big and bulky.

If you haven’t already used the cabinet tops already, this is a great way to store any item that you don’t use on a regular basis. Think of that juicer or blender that you rarely use? Do you really need it to eat away your kitchen space?

If not, then you can store it away on your countertop. Don’t forget to use a plastic sheet and wrap the kitchen appliances beforehand. Otherwise, the kitchen grease could form a coating on them.

7. Use the corners around the fridge

Hidden corners around the fridge are another space you absolutely shouldn’t miss when you’re looking for ways to squeeze in extra storage.

Simply add those sliding cabinets we talked about here and be prepared to receive tons of compliments at this ingenious hack.

8. Remove a kitchen wall

Last but not least, if your kitchen is way too small, then you can think of removing a wall altogether. Although this option may be a little expensive, it’ll be well worth it in the long haul.

Removing the wall that connects it to the living room will make your kitchen look modern. Moreover, it’ll also allow light and air to enter the kitchen.


That’s about it from us. We hope that this post gave you some ideas on ways you can apply to optimize your kitchen space. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find one that you can use in your kitchen.

Have you tried renovating your kitchen yet? Let us know any tips that you think we’ve missed. Until then, bye!