Tips to Prevent Aircon Failure During the Summer Months

Did you know that summer is the time of the year when most air conditioning systems act up and fail? We bet you know why. As your air conditioner tries to keep up with the heat, it doubles up its efforts to cool your home. But while there is nothing you can do about the skyrocketing temperatures, there are things you can do to prevent your air conditioning unit from failing when you need it the most. Let’s take a look at the following tips to prevent aircon failure during the summer months from the air conditioning Brisbane experts:

Have your air conditioner inspected twice a year

One of the most common issues of air conditioners during summer is frozen or dirty coils. Think about this: When it gets too hot, your unit works extra hard to compensate for the lack of freon. And what happens after that? The coils get frozen, causing your unit to struggle generating sufficient cool air. By having your air conditioner inspected twice a year, HVAC technicians can see this issue before it even occurs. As a result, you are able to deal with potential issues promptly so there is a slimmer chance of aircon failure when the summer arrives.

Aircon Failure3

Change your air filters

Air filters do not only help maintain the quality of air inside your home, but it also affects how your air conditioning unit performs its job—especially during the summer. If you notice that your air con is becoming less and less efficient in distributing cool air throughout your room, that might indicate a problem with your air filters. Usually, air filter problems arise when the dust and dirt begin to accumulate here and there, causing your unit to overstrain itself. To prevent this from happening, it is best to clean your air filters monthly or change them when necessary.

Pouring bleach into your condensate pan

Did you know that air conditioning systems produce lots of water in the form of condensation? Yes! You will find this water in a pan situated under the coils. Usually, the moisture causes the condensate lines of an air conditioning unit to be jammed with algae growth, which then results in considerable damage to your unit. To prevent this from happening, you can pour drops of bleach into the pan regularly or vacuum out the algae before it clogs up your condenser line entirely.

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Never put your thermostat in the warmest part of your house

When summer kicks in, your worst nightmare would be to realize that your aircon is not cooling your home enough. Worse, it won’t turn on! Such issues usually result from a problem with your thermostat, which is responsible for controlling temps. To ensure that your thermostat is in top condition even during the summer months, never ever put your unit in the warmest area of your house—well, unless you don’t want your thermostat to regulate the temperature inside your house accurately. Often, thermostat issues also result in your air con unit not being able to generate enough cool air or worse, your unit not turning on altogether. Imagine dealing with all that while getting soaked up in your own sweat during the summer!