Tips before Installing a Modular Kitchen and a Wardrobe Design

With the advent of modular kitchen, the traditional smoky and dark kitchen spaces have almost turned obsolete. Modular kitchens have revolutionized kitchen spaces, through the inception of elements such as beauty, brightness, and modern kitchen furniture that simplifies the routine cooking process.

Wardrobes too share a similar story! The modern-day citizen of India is seen to be easing out the conventional cupboards and almirahsand embracing modern wardrobes. A lot has changed since a couple of decades, and yet, continues to change! With this blog, I’d like to highlight some tips before installing a modular kitchen a wardrobe design in your house.

The Concept of Modular Kitchen | What is a Modular Kitchen?


A modular kitchen could be defined as a modern kitchen layout comprised of various modules or components including cabinets that accommodate accessories and that aim at optimal usage of the kitchen space. Typically, modular kitchens are comprised of counter tops, wooden cabinets, electro domestic gadgets such as hob, chimney, sink, a built-in-oven. Some customized modular kitchens could also have an in-built dishwasher, refrigerator, and other gadgets facilitating simplified kitchen routines. Despite the amenities, there are some important considerations that you must be careful about before installing a modular kitchen. Let us now proceed to look at those tips.

5Things to Keep in Mind before Installing a Modular Kitchen

Installing a Modular Kitchen
Modular kitchens demand a considerable investment, and therefore to seek the best returns on your investment, it is necessary that you prepare yourself with the following 10 things to keep in mind before you go for a modular kitchen installation.

  1. Figure out the space dimensions before designing the modular kitchen. For instance, a straight and simple modular kitchen design would go well with a compact kitchen space. Hence, at the outset, get your space analyzed, and only then proceed with the designing part.
  2. It is quite natural for every one of us to wish for a modern and stylish kitchen. But, don’t let style overlap the basics. A modular kitchen, regardless whether simple or stylish, must be hassle-free and easy to operate.
  3. As shelves, drawers and other units form an important part of your modular kitchen, it is necessary that you determine the storage requirements before youfinalize the design. The arrangement of storage spaces is widely governed with your domestic routines, including your grocery buying, and storage habits (weekly/ monthly), elderly people operating the kitchen, etc. Besides, installing sectional drawers in place of cabinets would help you make optimum utilization of the space. A combination of steel and wood is prudent from the endurance viewpoint.
  4. The choice of colors is another important feature of a modular kitchen. Although black and brown colors appear classy and stylish, the use of these colors must be avoided, as these colors aren’t good reflectors of light. Instead, using better quality lighting on walls, and ceilings are a better choice.
  5. Kitchens are spaces that create smoke, gas, and vapor. The appropriate and timely release of these substances is important from the ventilation and safety point of view. Installation of chimneys and exhausts is necessary to avoid cluttering resulting out of the accumulation of smoke and gas.

5 Things to keep in Mind While Designing a Wardrobe | Wardrobe Designing Tips

Wardrobe Designing Tips
Wardrobes are a beautiful and modern addition to your bedroom. A well-designed wardrobe helps you store your belongings in an organized manner. Here are some considerations that would help you design a useful wardrobe.

  1. Determine the number of shelves and the design (whether rigid or adjustable) based on the number and the size of the belongings that you’d be storing inside the wardrobe.
  2. The size of the mirror, including its height and width, is another important factor. A wardrobe with a mirror would help you save on the cost and space incurred in having a separate dressing table.
  3. Designing wardrobes to the ceiling height proves useful when it comes to storing objects when not required for a long time.
  4. A beautiful wardrobe certainly adds to the overall aesthetics of the bedroom. Colours of the wardrobe play an important role in this regard. Go through a number of options, to finalize a color combination, instead of a single color. Ensure that the color combination complements the wall color.
  5. Considering other factors such as secret cabinets, hooks, door design too, play a vital part, from the viewpoint of operational ease and safety.

    Remember, you’ve bought a home out of your hard-earned money, and therefore, it is your right to seek a complete return on your investment. Your modular kitchen and wardrobe aren’t an exception to it. These tips would help you make an informed decision, and make the right choice for your home. See you soon with the next blog! Want to learn Modular Kitchen Designing..? Want to Join Interior Designing Course….There are 2 types of courses Diploma in Interior Designing and B.Sc in Interior Designing.