The Secrets of Choosing Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Furniture

The correct and convenient arrangement of furniture

Before you purchase a new kitchen set from the manufacturer, you need to thoroughly prepare for this event, because the purchase is not made for one year, but is for long-term use. What the result will be in the future will have an impact not only on the degree of satisfaction of the owners but also on the lifestyle of all family members.

What should be considered when designing the kitchen? What is meant by its functionality? Let’s get it all together.

Ergonomics of the kitchen:

The correct and convenient arrangement of furniture

It will be an unforgivable mistake to complete the arrangement taking into account only free space. Thinking through the layout, it is necessary not only to take the beauty and rational use of living space as a basis but also to pay attention to the main thing – the functional. Otherwise, a small-looking room and being in it can take a lot of energy, and the process of cooking from a pleasant one will turn into a tedious one. To avoid this, the basic rules of ergonomics must be taken into account.

The proper arrangement of furniture is the first most important thing, taking into account the hostess’s manner of cooking and all the proposed actions in this room. Also, when planning, consider the presence and location of windows, doorways, protruding parts, and niches. As a result of a complete analysis of the room, and an understandable picture emerges, which also considers the layout of household appliances.

In the process of choosing kitchen furniture, the following aspects are taken into account:

  1. The purchase of products determines the availability of cabinets for storage and a refrigerator.
  2. Preliminary preparation of the ingredients is carried out on a work surface, next to which there is a sink with the bottom location of the waste bucket. In the immediate vicinity, cabinets with utensils, buy expresso cabinets online with appliances and other useful things will be appropriate. It is convenient to take knives from a special stand or a magnetic tape suspended on the wall.
  3. The processing process is impossible without a hob, oven, and hood. Their mutual arrangement is selected taking into account the size of the room and frequency of use. An electric oven is often installed at chest level – it’s very convenient.
  4. Eating well not do without having a dining area. The kitchen table is placed in the center, but only if there is free space for this. Most often it is located against a wall or in a corner.

This is just a necessary minimum without which no kitchen can do. In principle, everyone can add to the atmosphere according to his taste and needs. To do this, there is a huge number of side tables, cabinets, pencil cases, and various furnishings. The main thing is not to clutter everything around, the principle of reasonable sufficiency is always relevant.

The right choice of the facade – the key to durability and ease of use

The leading positions in terms of popularity and demand among materials for the manufacture of kitchen are rightfully occupied by particleboard and MDF. In either case, the manufactured furniture is obtained of proper quality in full compliance with environmental standards. However, it must be remembered that particleboard has a looser structure than the analog of MDF, and if the integrity of the surface is violated, formaldehyde components harmful to the body can be released.

Therefore, for furniture facades, MDF is still the most recommended material, because its external surface can be treated with various materials, such as veneer, plastic, acrylic, enamel, and PVC film. Thus, a wide variety of colors, shades, imitation of various surfaces, such as wood, are achieved.

One of the main reasons for the popularity is accessibility in terms of price, and treatment with special impregnations and solutions increases resistance to moisture, mold, fungi, and allows you not to respond to frequent temperature changes.

It is not recommended to save on furniture fittings, as a result of poor-quality products will completely spoil the overall picture.

Kitchen color: how important is it?

The choice of color or shade in the design of the kitchen space plays an important role. Using color, you can solve many important problems: increase or decrease the space, formulate a general tone, emphasize the style of the interior or add certain touches to it, highlight individual details, and hide problem areas.

Choose the colors very carefully, taking into account all the components of the interior. Ensure that all the tones look appropriate and harmonize with each other.

There are no restrictions on the use of colors, but there are options that need to be used correctly and correctly. Therefore, before choosing a color, you need to understand for yourself such a moment as the main purpose and the chosen style.

To achieve the desired effect, it is better to order a kitchen at a company that offers design project preparation services. Literally in a matter of minutes, a professional designer will select the perfect color for your kitchen unit for your premises. If necessary, they offer a combination of matching colors.

The shape of the kitchen: affects the functionality?

The layout of the kitchen, as well as its form, is found in any way, and it is not possible to say unequivocally that it is better. All forms have a right to exist, and with the right approach and the proper level of imagination, positive results are always achieved in terms of functionality, convenience, and comfort.

Whatever the size of the room, do not overload it with furniture or additional accessories. The principle of reasonable sufficiency is welcomed in everything.

Buying finished furniture or ordering a kitchen according to individual sizes is a personal matter for everyone. However, with non-standard forms of space, the second option looks more competent and preferable.

When choosing a layout and arranging furniture, various criteria and rules recommended for execution are taken into account. The main working area of the kitchen is a countertop, the standard height of which is 85 cm from the floor, but all people are of different height. Therefore, this indicator is taken into account individually, varying in one direction or another. For work surfaces, it is preferable to install a countertop, the thickness of which will be 6-10 cm, for a dining table 4 cm is enough.


Everyone selects a set of household appliances for the kitchen, based on personal needs and frequency of use. Someone cooks often and a lot, others just have a microwave to warm up the finished product they bought. In this matter, everyone makes their choice individually, but no one could manage without a stove and refrigerator.