Special Bed Types for your Bed

Close to 70 million U.S citizens struggle to get quality sleep. You are probably aware of a couple of tried and true tricks to help you snooze off fast like investing in the best bed rest pillow.

But if quality sleep is becoming more elusive, your bed needs a revamp. Spruce your bedroom with our seven special bed types to get you on your way to a better night’s sleep.

Air beds

Air beds

Spruce up your bedroom with an air bed. It’s more of a permanent air mattress with inflatable padding for an extra layer of comfort to your bed. It’s made of sturdy PVC or textile-reinforced urethane plastic making the air bed virtually resistant to punctures and sturdy.

The air bed’s inflatable pad is touted for its healing properties including backaches, mental stress, and depression among others. They are a popular choice if you are big on convenience and a perfect seamless blend of comfort and exquisite design.

Most air beds feature a raised height that resembles a real divan. With a built-in pump, you can adjust the bed with ease how hard or soft you want the bed to feel.
Quite challenging to maintain as a little tear can cause air leakage and reduce the lifespan of the bed.

Rocking beds

Having troubles falling asleep? Rocking beds are your best solution to have you snoozing off like a baby in no time. These beds feature a regular bed with a curved base and rounded wooden frames like that of rocking chairs and steel frame sides. The carbon steel frame can be brushed, blackened or replaced with a wooden frame to suit your decor needs.

They also feature quiet motor which when once powered on, sways the steel frame back and forth seamlessly and rock you to sleep.

Keep in mind the bed doesn’t rock but it’s the frame that glides the mattress back and forth. If you are interested in owning a rocking bed, you don’t need to replace your existing bed frame and mattress. It’s simple. The wooden frame replaces your bed’s box spring.

Rocking beds treat tons of conditions from insomnia, motion sickness, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, improve circulation, enhance dreams, and aid your lymphatic system to rid the body of accumulated toxins.

Its exquisite design inspires tranquillity and comfort.

Magnetic floating beds

Magnetic floating beds
Floating beds add a sense of illusion and fun to a room. These beds float mid-air and can support up to 1500 pounds making it quite ideal for most people. Magnetic fields dictate the bed’s architecture.

Magnetic beds feature a permanent non-degrading support system, and a simple rectilinear board design painted black with skinny legs that are entirely invisible and tethered to the ground by thin wires not to drift away. The magnetic field under the bed makes it float.

This 7-figure luxury bed sits 16 inches above the ground, and the only part in contact with the ground is the four thin cables attached to it.

The bed works by the power of opposing magnetic fields to float. The magnets within the bed repel the magnets beneath the bed, on the floor, to float.

Add an element of fantasy to your bedroom decor with this futuristic bed.

Futon beds

If you live in a cramped home with minimal floor space, a futon bed is your ideal solution. These 2 in one Japanese antique style hybrid beds feature a bed and couch all at once. You can open it up to create a bed or fold it up into a couch or a sofa for your living room or guest room.

They feature versatile styles and designs with a replaceable padded mattress to suit your comfort needs. An ideal investment to your home decor, futon beds, features unique designs and function. These convenient space savers are also less expensive compared to traditional sofas or beds.

Sonic Bed

Sonic Bed
There’s something about sonic beds that seems so relaxing than other bed types. Well, it must be the music beat for the soul. This bed is similar to a large wooden tank with polished sides and 3 ft off the ground.

The bed top is 9 inches above the mattress height. The design is such that you lie within the wooden frame fitted with 12-channel subwoofers and speakers system.

These king size beds feature built-in portable units play music and soothe your soul getting you faster into dreamland. It’s an excellent option for people who love listening to music in the background while they sleep.

The vibrational music tendencies stimulate your entire body creating a multi-sensory dynamic approach to how you experience music.

Captain bed

A captain bed or cabin bed is a platform bed with built-in underneath storage compartments. The design of the captain bed is inspired by the beds used by cabin crew in sailing ships. These beds offer additional comfort and convenience.

Captains beds feature versatile designs and unique styles, a good option if you have limited floor space. Plus we love the extra storage it offers. The storage compartments come in 3 unique designs:

Headboard storage: a series of storage shelves fitted in the headboard.

Under bed storage: storage compartments are either on one side or both sides of the bed

Footboard storage: built-in storage compartments near the ground close to the foot of the bed.

Canopy bed

Canopy bed
Take me to dreamland with a canopy over my bed. It looks so gorgeous and dreamy. A canopy bed resembles a four poster bed featuring a similar antique look but with vertical wooden poles at the four corners of the bed with cross beams to connect them at the top.

The difference with a four poster bed is the decorative canopy of fabric at the top which can be pulled closed or tied open for a cozy feel. You can use different types of fabrics including chiffon, net, muslin, and silk.

They are ideal for rooms with tall ceilings and ensure your canopy leaves out 6 inches at the top for a breathable room. They are considered to be the most luxurious beds, but the huge size makes them impractical for small bedrooms.

Bottom line:

If you’re experiencing difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, you know how frustrating it can feel. From eating bananas to taking melatonin pills in hopes of snoozing off fast, nothing seems to work.

A quality bed is not only the focal point of your bedroom but also a significant investment to your home decor. It is your weapon of choice for a good night’s sleep.