Renovate Your Old Residential Log Cabins with These Top Tips

Residential log cabins are essential parts of any home. However, with time, they tend to wear out. This makes renovation necessary. However, renovating your old log cabins isn’t that easy. In particular, they are fragile. Thus, breaking them can interfere with the overall aesthetics of your home. So, if you want to maintain your house’s overall aesthetics, keep reading. This article contains all you should know regarding renovating your old residential log cabins.

The Basics


Your home’s log cabin system plays a key role in its aesthetics. That’s why you should carry out periodic maintenance. This will help you spot issues like defects and cracks. Early defect detection and subsequent renovation will reduce costs associated with having to replace the whole unit.

Structure Integrity


The house’s foundation, drainage, as well as roofing play a vital role when it comes to the strength of your wooden structure. Also, long term humidity can affect the quality plus lifespan of that residential log cabin of yours. In particular, precipitation can lead to gutter leaks, cracks on the walls, as well as ground moisture. It’s also important to note that unventilated spaces tend to attract like moisture, mold attacks, and fungi. On the other hand, old wood attracts termites and other insect infestations.

Thus, you must do away with the cause of damage. And the best way to remove it by either cleaning the space or drying it. Isolate what is causing the dampness. Alternatively, you can cut it off or replace it.

Of course, you can use retardant treatments. However, they do come with effects—both negative and positive. Doing renovation can be a nice option—especially no preventative measure is still viable. It will help save your residential log cabin.

Renovation Tips

The renovation comes with an array of benefits. However, you must first familiarize yourself with the log cabin first before doing any renovation. In particular, you should know the structure and any past renovation. This will help you evaluate the condition of the log house before doing any renovation.

Traditional Materials


When it comes to renovating your log houses, nothing takes center stage quite like using traditional materials. With traditional materials, you have the power to match them with your home décor. It will give your building the presentation it needs. Don’t use masonry and concrete when renovating your old wood house. Remember, wood shrinks and expands as the air moisture changes. Look for genuine residential log cabins for sale in Ireland. It will make your work easy.

Timber Species

Use the same timber throughout the renovation process. Also, ensure that the timber species is appropriate. Look at the moisture content of the timber. Be sure to choose timber with similar content levels.

Other Tips

The following are additional tips for renovating your residential log cabins:

  • Start with your house’s foundation
  • Reinforce the log cabin appropriately
  • Blend the traditional with modern décor

The Bottom-Line

The above are the tips you need to renovate your residential log cabin in style. From reinforcing the log cabin appropriately to using traditional materials —these tips will help you renovate your cabins without many difficulties.