Quote Arts: Making Your Room More Attractive

When you enter someone’s home and you notice picture frames and inscriptions on the colorful walls of that building, either inside or outside of the house, how do you feel? Isn’t that what captures our interest for the first few minutes of entering the house?

Arthur Brisbane made that point clear in 1911 when he was discussing how journalism could be improved when he said: “a picture paints a thousand words”. What he meant was simple: just one picture can express a series of thoughts even better than a large number of explanatory words.

Apart from the meaning in those words, useful quotes that are used as wallpapers, frames, photos, and clocks can add a bit of design and enhance the architectural design of your home. You may have some on your walls already, but thinking about how what you put on your wall can impact on your reputation will make you think about choosing your quote arts carefully.

When you make motivational quotes a part of your wall quote arts, it inspires both the visitor and you that loves in the house. Imagine what waking up to such quotes can do for you every day. They can help put a smile on your face early in the morning and push you to reach your goals.

Whether they are inspirational quotes, or proverbs, or a series of one-liners, let us share a few points with you on how you can choose your quote arts.

Carefully Choose Your Quotes

If you are someone that wants people to feel inspired by what they see on your wall, and then the internet should be a very handy tool for you. You can search for the internet’s wide array of motivational quotes and memes. It could be fun if done with the right motive. The search can help you build your own collection of quotes to spur you on and propel you to greater heights.

You can also personalize your quotes by creating meaningful and insightful thoughts that you have come up with. One tool you can use for that is apagraph to create your own short dance quotes.

Shop for Suitable Themes and Fonts

No matter how insightful and meaningful any quote is, all the meaning attached to it can be lost if there are no good themes to bring them to light. Font size and styles too can either make the words attractive to the eyes or not. So, take your time to search for good ones and try them out, take a look at how each one look before making the decision.

It is also important to consider the color of the wall before deciding on the themes you want. In most cases, the best themes are the ones that exhibit a contrast to the color of the wall.

Be Creative

One way you can be creative is by playing around with your pencil and colors. If you want to be economical, you can get cardboard, manually write the words you want on it, color it to make some sense and paste them on your wall. Make sure your hand lettering is top notch before embarking on this. This is a very cheaper alternative to printing on the wall directly.

If you cannot draw very beautifully, you can have a friend who knows how to do it assist you. Another thing to make this all the more beautiful is to buy small lights and place them on the paper quotes to add illumination to it. Believe me, it’s always a beautiful sight at night.

Quote, arts can be a very good design for the walls of your home. If done right, it can add a whole new touch to your building both inside and outside.