How to Stay Safe on New York City Transit and Reach Your Destination in One Piece 

New York City has left behind its reputation as a dangerous place to visit and has been transformed into a safe place to visit. But it’s still a dense city that people from all walks of life call home and it never hurts to stay vigilant while going about your business. Following are tips for safe traveling in New York that help you prevent the loss of your belongings and keep your sanity and safety intact at all times. While travelling in New York city for your safety concern visit

Keep a Low Profile

The more you stand out on transit, the more likely you are to get targeted by a thief. Make it a point to keep your valuables hidden, your purse close to your body, wallets in interior pockets, and phones held tightly or stashed in a pocket. If you’re dressing up, put something on over your clothing to disguise what you’re wearing. The overall goal is to avoid looking like a target that is flush with money. Thieves find their victims by scanning the crowd and identifying who’s not paying attention to their surroundings, are being careless with their belongings. or are showing off by wearing expensive clothing or accessories.

Don’t Engage With the Homeless

The homeless are a frequent sight on the rail system because the trains run 24/7. As a result, the trains turn into a kind of shelter for the homeless. Most keep to themselves, but some are vocal and some resort to begging for money. There are individuals who have developed a routine where they talk to people who look like their easy marks for money. They’ll start up a congenial conversation, then eventually come right out and ask for money. Avoid eye contact with them and refuse to engage with them.

Travel During Off-Peak Hours for the Least Stressful Commute

The NYC transit system is jam-packed during rush hour periods. They last for about three hours in the morning and evening as people make their way to and from work. The subway system alone saw almost 6 million users a day in 2016. If you can stay away from the trains or the buses during these time periods, you’ll have an easier time of getting around town. But if you find that you have to get somewhere during peak travel times, prepare to settle in for a tight and uncomfortable ride.

Pay Attention to the Type of Bus You’re Getting On

The bus system in NYC is comprehensive with a total of 322 routes. You can get to where you’re going easy on the bus, but you need to make sure you’re on one that makes all stops on its route. There are two types of bus classifications: local and express. A local bus stops at all the marked stops along its route while an express bus skips some stops. If you want to go to a destination on a given route, make sure to pay attention to the sign on the bus that designates if it’s express or local. You don’t want to spend precious time backtracking to your destination because you picked an express bus that skipped the stop you wanted.