How To Properly Care For The Roof Of The House?

Together they affect the polymer layer. The consequences of the first three points can be avoided, the consequences of precipitation must be dealt with by yourself.

It is not enough to buy corrugated board and make a roof out of it: to make the roof was in order, roofing company in Southwest Florida recommends you regularly inspect it and in time to repair the damage, if they occur. Although the corrugated board – a strong and reliable material, in our climate on it can appear dents, bloating and rust. On how to keep the roof in perfect condition, our article.

The following aggressive factors affect the galvanized steel:

  • sunlight (UV)
  • wind
  • temperature variation and exposure
  • precipitation

Together they affect the polymer layer. The consequences of the first three points can be avoided, the consequences of precipitation must be dealt with by yourself.

Care For The Roof Of The House1

Attention! Thoroughly inspect the roof twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Snow comes down from the glossy coating naturally – rolls down under its own weight. However, if you use a galvanized surface without polymer coating or the snow just remains lying down, do the cleaning yourself.

For this you will need a tool that will not damage the roof: wooden scrapers, shovel with rubberized edges, soft brush.

If you neglect snow cleaning, dents and microcracks are formed under the thickness, and in spring – bloating and corrosion.

Attention! Do not remove snow completely, leave a protective layer of 1-6 cm.

Leaves are not washed away by rain, do not roll down, so be sure to remove it from the roof surface with a soft brush. In the future, this will avoid rust and permanent stains. Pay attention to the gutters and joints of the decking – the leaves are clogged in them and rotten.

Attention! Walk on the roof only in strong closed shoes with non-slip sole.

Contamination of another type is as carefully removed as snow and leaves. Use a strong water pressure to accelerate the process. If it does not help, use a rag and special detergents for polymer coatings (will reduce dirt and will not damage the flooring). After treatment, wash the roof.

To prevent leaks and rust, check the threaded fasteners. If necessary, tighten or loosen them, and the place of fasteners treated with a special mastic, which will protect against water penetration. The same way to do with the joints of corrugated sheeting.

Care For The Roof Of The House2

Repair and painting of the roof

With a careful examination of the roof, you can identify scratches, peelings, dents, bloating between the coating and the sheets, cracks, non-drying stains.

Although the corrugated sheet is protected from corrosion by a layer of zinc, and minor damage is not afraid of him, it is better to fix the flaws immediately after their detection:

  1. Release the damaged surface from contamination,
  2. Wash with a special product,
  3. Dry it out,
  4. Paint.
  5. For shallow damages the paint is applied in one layer, for serious damages – in 2-3 coats.

Attention! To select the paint, use the German color matching table RAL, it is the most common in the world.

Aesthetic, inexpensive and durable corrugated board – the logical solution for roof construction. The main thing is to remember that it requires a simple but constant care, then it will serve you for many years.