How to Prevent and Clear Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can often turn out to be an enormous mess to handle. It becomes unhygienic when the drain gets clogged as the scum that gets collected is stagnant and enables the germs and bacteria to breed over it. Thus, the foremost prevention that could be followed is paying attention to what you put into the drainage. However, things could not always be taken care of. Thus, we have mentioned below some tips that could help you to unclog your drainage system.

Run hot water through the sink

Running hot water through the sink will help the oil granules to flow out through the drainage pipe and not get stuck in the interior surface of the tube. This avoids your drainage pipe from getting clogged and sluggish.

This also softens the food particles that flow through the pipe. Along with this, you can also make use of a good quality sink drain cleaner to get rid of the clogged material in your drain. The cleaner deeply cleans the pipe and make it free from water clogging particles.

Use baking soda to unclog the drain

Baking soda is endowed with the best cleansing properties as it helps in getting rid of bad smell and odors and also kills germs to some extent. This will prevent your drainage system from foul smell and even the breeding of germs and bacteria.

Flowing boiling water along with added baking soda will help clear clogged drain. You can make a solution that includes half a cup of baking soda, salt, vinegar, and boiling water. Put this through the drainage pipe before going to bed, and your sink will be clean and fresh smelling when you wake up.

Pour vinegar to get rid of oil

Vinegar acts as the best cleaner for the clogged drain repair as it has acetic acid which works as an amazing cleaner. It gets dissolved easily and helps to remove the dirt accumulated in the pipes. When vinegar is mixed with hot water it softens the sticky particles, and clear the oil residues in the drain.

You can pour vinegar along with salt in the clogged drain and let it sit for around 20 minutes. The build-up foam helps in wearing down the dirt. Later on, you can plunge the pipe, it will create the pressure and open up the clog.

Make use of a screen or drain gate

The best way to prevent any semi-solid particle from getting accumulated in the drain is by using a filter or drain gate. It acts as a barrier, holds any solid waste and prevents it from getting inside the pipe. This drain gate can be easily cleaned when running water is passed through it. This is why you need to have a screen or drain gate in your bathroom and kitchen drains. It reduces the chances of large particles to go with the flow of water that cause the clogging of the drain.