How To Fit Roman Blinds

Once you have all of the above, you can continue with the fitting of your blinds.

Roman blinds are a very popular choice for homeowners everywhere. There are a number of designs and styles to suit just about any home; they have a timeless and flexible style, offer privacy, are affordable, and are actually surprisingly easy to fit yourself.

Fitting Roman blinds is a fairly straightforward process that anybody can do with a little time, patience, and a few things to get started.

Things you’ll need before you get started:

  • a spirit level
  • pencil for marking
  • tape measure
  • masonry drill
  • drill bits
  • screws
  • wall plugs
  • A cord holder should your roman blinds not have one included

Once you have all of the above, you can continue with the fitting of your blinds.

Getting The Positioning Right

The positioning of your blinds depends on your window frame, and whether you are putting the blinds on inside or outside of the recess. If you choose to go inside, there shouldn’t be anything there to stop your blinds from hanging flat. Window handles can stop the blinds from hanging properly. If you are sure there are no obstructions, then you can get started. If you’re lacking space within the recess, you might be better off fitting your Roman blinds outside the recess. Royal Crest specialises in these blinds and can help measure your space as well as supply and install them.

Taking Accurate Measurements

The next step is to ensure you are taking accurate measurements. You simply cannot trust that your windows are perfectly horizontal. Always use a spirit level to determine your measurements accurately. Begin by measuring the width of the window three times to find an average. Make sure you take your time and write down your measurements properly each time. Below is a quick rundown of getting your brackets in the right position.

  • Mark the positions of your brackets.
  • Once the markings are level, realign your brackets with the markings you have made.
  • Use your drill to gently screw them into place.
  • When the brackets are firmly attached to the wall, clip your blind into the brackets to complete the fitting.

Take 5mm off your final measurements if you are positioning the Roman blinds within the window frame, so it can fit within the recess nicely. If you opt for an outside fit, it’s a good idea to add 120mm to the width so there aren’t any annoying gaps. That is basically how to fit Roman blinds – most people are surprised by how simple and straightforward it is. Providing you get the measurements right, you should easily be able to fit your Roman blinds and have them looking professional and polished in no time.

Unsure About Fitting Roman Blinds?

If you’re unsure about fitting your Roman blinds, there are many professionals who will fit them for you. If you aren’t skilled in DIY and have never taken on a project before, it might not be the best time to start. Although this is a simple task, those who do not enjoy DIY may prefer to leave it to a professional.