How To Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Why should you choose a memory foam mattress?

Mattress choice nowadays is at the same time harder and easier than before. On one hand, it’s much easier because of the wide variety of available options we have at our disposal: any size, any firmness, any material you want and so on. On the other hand, it’s harder because you need to choose only one from all the products available on the market. The one that you deem the most appropriate to satisfy your needs. The memory foam mattress can be the one you’re looking for.

The main feature of memory foam orthopedic mattresses is that it can remember shapes and sizes of your body. The reason for this is that they are filled with foamed polyurethane – a material developed by NASA scientists who were looking for a way to minimize the pressure on astronaut’s body during the takeoff. However, the host of other parameters wasn’t fit for their needs and the material hasn’t ever been used in any astrological projects. Sounds sad, but this failure has arguably brought the humanity more than it could have: now it’s the main component for the high quality and comfort memory foam mattresses.

Why should you choose a memory foam mattress?

The foam’s main feature is that it can interact with the pressure and temperature of human’s body. It results in foam getting softer and repeating all the body’s shapes that matter for a high-quality sleeping experience. It doesn’t mean though that the mattress won’t return to its original shape. For example, it changes shape every time you change a pose. This effect helps you to relax and dissipates the pressure more evenly. Foamed polyurethane isn’t an organic material, so you won’t get any insects or microorganisms near your bed. It also isn’t allergic, which is certainly the good news for lots of people. Foam memory mattresses also have a tiny warming effect, which helps them make you less tired and improve your blood flowing.

When choosing a mattress, you should certainly take following features into account:

  • density,
  • case material,
  • firmness and
  • warranty time
  • and others, we’ll speak about it later on.

It’s also very important to test the product right in the shop to avoid future problems with it. Also, this mattress will be a great addition to your personal bedroom ideas.


Foam density is probably the most important factor that affects your choice of a mattress. It also affects how long you will be able to use it without loss of its qualities. It’s pretty easy: the higher density is, the better is the quality of the mattress. Its expected term of service and firmness are also affected by this property. Information about density can be found on the label of a product. It’s calculated by dividing the mass by volume and measures in kg/m3. The lowest is 30 kg/m3, the highest is 90 kg/m3. Of course, the pricing also varies. The mattress with 60 kg/m3 density can provide you great form keeping and other qualities for as long as 3-5 years.

Mattress filling

Most of the material inside is composed of elastic foam, but there also are other components inside. This is the reason why the smell in the first two or three weeks of usage can be a little bit synthetic until it dissipates, but it isn’t something to be worried or scared about. But still, you need to exercise caution and purchase only those items that have been manufactured by reputable brands. Some low tier mattresses may contain materials as dangerous as formaldehyde. And they can hurt you really badly over years of usage. Also always check the other things that your mattress consists of: there might be allergens, which is no great news for people suffering from certain conditions. Always look at the label carefully in order to avoid trouble!

Mattress cover material

The material that the mattress cover is made of is also very important. It helps fix any downsides of any mattress and add more useful features to it. It shouldn’t be sloppy because it will lead to the sheets slipping down all the time. Velour and cashmere are okay, but cashmere can get a little rusty as the time goes by. The inside of the mattress is not made of natural materials, so the casing should make up for it. If there’s an opportunity to buy a model with a natural cover, you should consider doing it. Don’t fall for models with replaceable cases just because it’s easier to wash them. Most of the time you can’t wash them at all, and sometimes it’s impossible to even get them off and back on at home. The better option would be a case without a zipper, some manufacturers also offer two-sided cases for different seasons.

Uneven deformation under pressure

Uneven deformation under pressure is a technical term that is used by consultants in the shops to describe the ‘bouncy’ features of the mattress. Don’t let them fool you and drive you to make a decision based exclusively on this quality. The main advantage of the memory foam mattress is its ability to assume any shape you want, and there’s actually nearly no correlation between this and the feature we’ve described. Always note the density and of course the price, and not the deformation criteria, it’s not that important.

Product’s term of service

Another important criteria is how long you’ll be able to use the mattress. It’s directly connected to its density and firmness. So, memory foam mattresses with medium density can serve you up to 5 years, while high-density mattress will retain its qualities for up to 8 years. That’s why it’s important to discuss all the details with the retailer, for example, what kind of warranty you can count on, if the return is possible or not, what delivery methods they offer and how much it costs etc.

Test drive

Even considering all the great features of memory foam mattresses, you shouldn’t be too fast with your decisions. Some people don’t get satisfied at all by sleeping on such mattresses. That’s why it’s better to get a first impression of the mattress in the shop if there’s such a possibility. How can you accomplish this? Follow these easy steps:

  • Lay down;
  • Assume a sleeping pose;
  • Take a little test drive and lay for a while;
  • Do it with all every model you are interested in;
  • Repeat that procedure until you understand that it’s exactly what you need.

It’d be ideal to wear thin clothes, similar to those that you wear while sleeping. Don’t rush into buying a mattress in the first shop, go ahead and find other places, compare the prices and the quality: it isn’t the cheapest of buys, so be careful and choose wisely.

If you are buying the mattress online, you also have an opportunity to conduct a free test drive! Most of the high-end brands offer a 100 to 120 nights trial period during which you can get a full refund if you simply don’t like the item for many reasons.


The foamed polyurethane can provide incredible back support. Thanks to its structure, the mattress’ surface shapes in form of your body, preventing you from any exceeding pressure, reducing the back pain and providing better and comfortable sleeping experience. Memory foam mattresses make you move less in your sleep and can also reduce the impact of your partner’s movements so that they don’t wake you up. These features are a big advantage of the memory foam mattresses. Give them a try! They provide solid value for the price and are overall a great choice for almost every sleeper type.