Factors to Look for in Best Online Casino India

India Casino Info website rates online casinos on the most critical factors relevant for online casino players. The factors are explained below-

For a player to decide which online casino is the best is a daunting task. Several online casinos are operating in India offering various bonuses and casino game variations. Every day, a lot of players are entering the world of online casinos. In the sea of misinformation, India Casino Info website helps online gamblers to choose the best casino experience by giving true and factual information.

How to rate an online casino? Many third-party websites rate online casinos on promotions, offers, game bonuses, or the number of games. Such factors don’t matter if the website isn’t secure.

India Casino Info website rates online casinos on the most critical factors relevant for online casino players. The factors are explained below-


In the world of digitization, security and privacy matter the most for a user. Online gambling is enjoyable when you earn real money without compromising on your personal information. An online casino is safe if it provides security certificates. A site is secure if it starts with “https://”. In case it starts with “http://”, it does not protect your personal information. Security certificates hide your personal information with the help of encryption. Prefer an online casino offering at least 128-bit encryption. The higher the encryption, the higher is the security.

Privacy Policies

India Casino Info website rates an online casino on its privacy policies. Privacy policy emails are quite boring and annoying. It is about the information that they collect from the users and how do they use it. India Casino Info reads and analyses them for the benefit of casino players. India Casino Info judges a casino on their records that indicate whether they sell your personal information to third parties and violate the privacy policies.

Information of Company

Online Casino

India Casino Info judges casinos on their reliability, credibility, company information, history of the company, reputation, and brand image.

Variety of games

India Casino Info puts a lot of effort into rating casinos based on their real money games, and the number of games. A good combination of slot machines, poker, and table games are ideal for players.


Many casinos offer games of different varieties made by different software developers. You should pick casinos on the graphics, the format of games and bonus options.

Online Casino RTPs

If a casino has the same software developers, you should choose the highest RTP casino. India Casino Info website rates a casino on the average Return to Player (RTP).

Terms and Conditions on promotions

Terms and Conditions on promotions

The review site makes painstaking efforts on reading the terms and conditions of promotions. Many casinos offer bonus offers and promotions but restrict their withdrawals.

Banking methods

When you are enjoying playing progressive jackpots, you must choose banking methods after good research. A good review site should rate online casinos on their banking methods, deposit limits, withdrawal limits and the processing time for withdrawals.


India Casino Info ranks online casinos on compatibility options making it easier for players to play using the Internet browser.

Mobile gaming apps

Mobile gambling apps are easier to download and play. India Casino Info looks for casinos offering mobile-friendly options to gamblers. Mobile responsive websites are highly responsive as they adjust and fit the screen of the device.

Customer Support

Online gamblers need effective customer support via chat, email and telephone. India Casino Info website rates casinos on how reachable they are to their customers.