Double Glazed Windows – When You Have The Sun In Your Room.

If you are familiar with blazing heat in summers and frosty cold in winters inside your home, then you are not alone. If you live near coastal areas and find regular condensation over your windows then you are not alone. If you experience a better climate outside of your home, then you are not alone. Poor ventilation is a major factor contributing to the uncomfortable conditions at your home. A good double glazed window, with proper insulation and installation, could help make your homes delightfully clement.

Why double glazed window?

Unlike a single glass, a double glazed window comprises two glasses which are separated by a vacuum. The gap between the panes is responsible for maintaining insulation against the cold. It can also be credited with reducing the outside noise levels, condensation, and carbon emissions when compared to a single window. The thing we enjoy the most is the cost savings on our heating bill and the ambient weather all year round. With easy maintenance, the double panes also offer impressive durability. Have you started to measure those window units to be replaced yet?


The options

A Fixed Lite window is employed for people looking to allow maximum sunlight into their homes to brighten up the decor and landscapes. Awning windows are put in place to allow year-round ventilation with openings directed downwards and away from the weather. Certain windows allow for control of cool breeze into the homes, while others do not intrude into your walkaways. Moreover, Rylock specialises in customised windows for specific frameworks.

Making the decision

Deciding on your window installer can be quite confusing and time-consuming. The answer to your query can be the difference between either having to replace your window fittings in 10 years or 35 years. If maintained properly, these panes can last much longer. With over 35 years of experience in the Australian market, Rylock offers exceptional window and door fitting services to people in the country.

Presently operating across multiple states in South-eastern Australia, Rylock grants its clients the chance to experience real-life interactive display showrooms from 8 different locations. The company identified very soon the experience it is going to need in handling diverse landscape and climatic conditions. This prompted the setting up of an in-house technical department. Rylock’s state of the art manufacturing plant boasts the CNC (computer numeric controlled) machines to deliver impeccable precision. Winner of multiple awards, the company’s AA (Architectural Aluminium) series tends to the double-glazed sector.

The importance of U-value

Rylock’s high performance double glazed louvre window and glass door’s incline reveals proffer significantly lower frame U-values. The U-value of an element of a building’s structure is directly proportional to the rate of heat transmission. Lower the U-value better is its insulation properties. The AA series is designed to cater to the varied needs of its clients for insulation and ventilation purposes.

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