Decorating a New Apartment Kitchen [5 Fresh Trends]

That means you should make keeping the space both inviting and functional on top of your list.

Decorating your apartment allows you to embrace new trends with a creative and sophisticated touch.

One of the top interiors to decorate is the kitchen. You likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking up a nice meal for friends and family.

That means you should make keeping the space both inviting and functional on top of your list.

It’s also fun to implement a current design trend or two.

If you’re curious about what design trends are popular at the moment, we outline five of them in this article.

Get ready to create an elegant kitchen with a luxurious feel and modern ambiance!

1. Gold accents

The Egyptians, the Romans, and emperors of the past draped themselves in gold.

Who doesn’t love wearing clothing with splashes of gold on it today as well?
Gold accents

Not only can you wear gold like the Egyptians (okay, maybe not exactly how they wore it), you can add this same unparalleled luxury in your apartment!

Golden colors in an apartment bring a touch of magic.

For example, if your apartment kitchen has black cabinetry, you can enhance the space by implementing copper or gold accents.

A few gold elements you can add to your kitchen:

  • Gold pendants
  • Barstools with an antique gold finish on the frame
  • Gold mirrored tray for the kitchen table

For a modern theme in your kitchen, contemporary designs paired with gold look sleek and stunning.

Gold is a bold and modern trend that’s perfect for adding a little extra sparkle!

2. Transparent room dividers

An aesthetically pleasing design element that can redefine your space is a transparent divider.

Doors with steel and glass have been trending for quite some time, and now, this trend is showing up in room dividers.

Even if your shared kitchen and living room are spacious already, transparent dividers can make the interior appear even larger!

Plus, if you’re not a fan of food smells drifting over from the kitchen to the living room, there’s a solution.

You guessed it: A transparent divider can keep the food smells to a minimum.

With dark, sleek cabinetry in your apartment, incorporating a transparent room divider will look classy and ultra-modern.

Just make sure it’s evident to guests so that no one accidentally walks into it!

3. Zone specific lighting

reupholstering kitchen chairs is of the utmost importance. After all, appropriate lighting will make it easier to cook and clean.

If you want a kitchen with cool, white light, fluorescents and LEDs provide excellent visibility.
Zone specific lighting
During the day directional LEDs can help brighten a workstation. Think about adding a few daylight bulbs for work-related zones.

If you don’t like a lighting fixture in your apartment, see if you can swap it out.

For soft and warm light, incorporate incandescent lighting. It works in recessed cans or downlights.

And let’s not forget about fluorescent lighting. Today this type of lighting is more efficient, reduces flicker, and comes in various shades from warm to cool. Another perk is fluorescent bulbs typically have a long life and low energy use.

Incorporate zone-specific lighting to create a modern, functional setup in your kitchen.

4. More personalized touches

Now that minimalism is on its way out, kitchens today will start to look and feel more sophisticated and personalized.

That means you can incorporate elements that make you feel more at home. Adding personal items like artwork, pottery, vintage rugs, and other details will show off your unique taste.

If you live in an apartment where the kitchen and living room share the same open space, consider decorating both similarly.

When friends come over to relax in your living room, they’ll get to experience the same personalized, decorative vibe when they wander over to your kitchen.

To blend the spaces, place similar pieces in your living room and kitchen. One idea is to place two pieces of pottery that share the same color scheme. Both areas will fade into one as each compliments the other.

5. Colorful upholstery

Adding pops of color in a kitchen can seem to add space.

There are various ways to make this happen.

One idea is to add colorful kitchen accessories such as a bright coffee maker or toaster.

To commit to colors in a smaller form, try incorporating colorful upholstery. Furnish your bar stools with bright, abstract patterns that will become focal points in the kitchen.
Colorful upholstery
Another way to incorporate pops of color is by adding dining room chairs with colorful upholstery. Consider reupholstering kitchen chairs you already own. You can easily freshen them up with updated colorful upholstery.

Here’s another thought: If you want to blend the living room and kitchen seamlessly together, keep the same color theme throughout the open space.

Having the same pops of color in the room will complement the living room and kitchen. It’ll look incredible to meld them together with a colorful ensemble!

The perfect kitchen is at your fingertips — so start decorating what will no doubt become a stand out space! Various design trends will add a new personality and charm to your kitchen.

Guests will find your apartment irresistible due to the extra time you took to make the space your own.

If your kitchen and living room share the same room, there’s an even bigger opportunity to decorate.

Enjoy revamping your kitchen by selecting sleek and sophisticated design trends you’re crazy over. You’ll love seeing how everything comes together thanks to your incredible taste!

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