8 Rediculously Handy Tool You Should Own| Types of Gardening Tools

But you can get away without being harmed if you intend to learn more about them and figure out what is what. So, are you charged up about doing all the improvement opportunities you have spotted into your garden? Do feel like you have a serious lacking about the different types of gardening tools?

Getting into gardening without knowing about gardening tools is like going to war without knowing what weapon is going to do exactly what. This can be deadly for any commander.

No doubt about it!

But you can get away without being harmed if you intend to learn more about them and figure out what is what. So, are you charged up about doing all the improvement opportunities you have spotted into your garden? Do feel like you have a serious lacking about the different types of gardening tools?

Don’t worry, even a little bit.

Even if you haven’t done any gardening a single day in your life, it is going to be quite easy. You are going to be able to make all the improvements in the garden by yourself once you get the hang out of the most necessary types of gardening tools.

So let’s learn about them!

8 Types of Gardening Tools That Gardener Wouldn’t Want To Miss

We are going to provide some reliable information about some must have gardening tool.

Pole saw

Pole saw is one of the most necessary tools among the different types of garden tools required for gardening. There is nothing that can do this job better than pole saw when it comes to pruning and cutting down large and branches up there in tall trees with ease.
Sound’s impressive,right?

It makes it the whole pruning of large trees much faster. There are quite a few different types of pole saw you can see there, ranging from manual to electric and gas-powered ones. Let’s find what advantages they offer and what drawbacks they have as well.

Usage of Electric pole saw

  • You can go for both corded and cordless electric pole saw.
  • Cordless pole saws are quite portable.
  • Quite easy to use as well

Usage of Gas-powered pole saw

  • Very powerful
  • Suitable for heavy pruning
  • They last longer

Usages of Manual pole saw

  • Better for taller trees as they tend to be quite long
  • Requires less maintenance
  • No noise or fumes


Lawnmowers come in handy to trimming down your lawn and giving it a neat and uniform look.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Because the lawn is what before will notice before even going into your house, so as you can guess already, having a lawnmower and knowing about it quite important, check down below for different types lawnmower and their uses.

Usages of Walk-Behind Power Lawn Mower:

  • Good for cleaning and trimming tall grasses
  • It is less expensive.
  • Less maintenance required

Usages of Ride-on Lawn Mowers

  • Very easy to use
  • Can cover a huge area
  • Very manoeuvrable and convenient

Usage of Hover mowers

  • Suitable for commercial mowing like a golf course
  • Good for using at areas where plenty of weeds are grown
  • Great for uneven surface

Usages of Robotic mower

  • They can cut down the grass all by themself.
  • Takes care of all the cutting and some models can even park themselves.
  • You would not require anything but setting the border wire.
  • You can not get any stripes, but it is hardly any disadvantage.

Pruning shears

What does pruning shear do?

Well, pruning shears has been around over a millennia one form or another, and they are mostly used for trimming and pruning various shrubs and flower plants, like a rose. They are convenient for cutting down the stems and unnecessary brunch.

Types of pruning shears

  • Bypass Pruners: Bypass Pruners are by far the most common pruning shears you will find out there. It looks and functions almost like scissors with a pair of blades. The only difference here is that the bypass pruners comes with a curved blade. It is used for trimming down live part of a plant.
  • Anvil Pruners: Anvil Pruners comes with a sharp edge and there is a flat edge as well. They are a bit heavy and used mostly for cutting dead parts of a plant.


A shovel is going to be quite a handy tool to have for your garden as it can help you from digging out holes to transferring dirt and leaves. Here are the most common types of gardening shovels you should know about.

  • Root shovel: You can use root shovels to dig up holes for planting new plants to cut down roots to making space as well.
  • Scooping shovels: Scooping shovels is mostly used for landscaping as you can use it for moving around a large amount of stuff. You can not use it for digging holes, though.
  • Square point shovel: Square point shovel can be used for flattening plant beds and also move around dirt and trash.
  • Scoop shovel: Scoop shovels are primarily used for cleaning and moving dirt and other trash. But you can not dig a hole with it.


Nothing could help you better to sort out the large piles of leaves and other dirt in your garden than the rakes. They can be categorized into two different types of rakes. Learn more about rakes and read reviews on the best rakes on gardentoolbox.co.uk.

  • Leaf Rake: As the name itself explains, leaf rakes are used for cleaning out leaves, and they come with a long handle with forks or tines spreading out from the handle.
  • Garden Rake: Garden rake is used with soils rather than using it with the leaves. They are heavy duty and great at levelling or spreading the soil.


Hoe, where do I even begin and end! There are literally over 50 types of garden hoes that can be found out there, and hoes are as ancient as the civilization itself. But for the sake of convenience, they can be categorized mainly into two different types.

  • Draw or pull hoe: It is the most common type of hoe you can find, and they are used for shaping the solid and chopping the weeds.
  • Push hoe or Dutch hoe: Scuffle hoe or dutch hoe uses the pushing motion instead of the pulling motion, which is less tiring and more convenient for preparing the soil.


Trowels, although known for their usage in the masonry area, is a necessary gardening tool. The key difference between gardening and masonry trowels is that masonry trowel has a flat surface design while gardening trowel looks and acts like a spread.

Yard globe

Yard globe is rather a decorative item than an essential type of garden tools required for gardening. But it can play a significant role to enhance the aesthetic of your garden without any doubt.


The sole intent of this article was to let my fellow gardeners know what I have learned about different types of gardening tools and their uses over the years. Then I realised, there is so much to include that a single blog or even a few would not be enough. This is why I have tried to include only the necessary information you need to know about Types of Gardening Tools. I hope it helped to clear any confusions you had earlier!