5 Interior Design Tips for First Time Buyers

Everyone loves to decorate their homes by using great design tips. If you’re about to buy your new home, you may already know how to decorate it. However, interior design for your first home may be a lot more challenging than you think. You want to get everything in place the right way. You waited for so long to buy your new home, so you want to also make it as cozy as possible. But you need to consider that we all want this, and that some people got things wrong because they rushed into doing things quickly. Here are some design tips to consider when moving into your new home.

1. Get a plan

Make a plan! It’ll help you discover what you need to be done first. For example, why planning to paint your walls first, if you consider knocking down one of them for creating a larger living room? You can make the plan even before buying the house. It’ll help you have a better idea of where your furniture and other decors should be, and most importantly, what pieces of furniture will be best fitted in your new home. Creating a floor plan of the home you’re about to buy will allow you to do all the measurements ahead, including where your sofa should be placed to where your favorite plant should stand. Also, you might consider hiring an interior designer that will help you with your planning. An expert’s opinion is incomparable, and they’re also able to purchase furniture at trade pricing, allowing you to save money as well.

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2. Take your time

This is one of the best tips to consider: taking your time when buying your new home and thinking about the decoration part. If you’re not working with a professional, it’s more importantly to don’t rush to the paint store and invest in colors, only to find out that they might not suit your personal taste at all. Make sure to take enough time to make these decisions. Instead, buy a small amount of paint, and only try the color on one wall, to see if it’s the right one. You may have an idea of how your first home should look, and what pieces of furniture to buy. But it’s a mistake that most people do: picturing a home that won’t be so pleasing in reality. After a few weeks, you can completely change your designing ideas. So, don’t rush intro getting everything done in a week. First, you need to move in, and after that, you can start making decisions. Your interior design choices don’t have to be made overnight, especially if you are a first home buyer.

3. The power of good lighting

Most people misjudge the value of good lighting in a home. Until they move in and find out how efficient and important it is. There are two rooms in your home that need most natural light, or artificial light – the bathroom and the kitchen. You may wonder why: because these are the rooms where most of your activities are done. These spaces require a good lighting plan. It’s recommended to work with professionals to get things done correctly. You won’t have to consider only the amount of light, but the location and the color of the lights. These are important facts that should be considered by all homeowners. Getting help from a professional will ease things for you, which is most important for first time home buyers. Natural lighting is the best, but it’s understandable that you won’t have a big window in your bathroom. It’s the room where you need more privacy. But you can opt for a small window that will allow natural light to come in. For the kitchen, it’s best to have large windows, as you’ll need much natural light, but also, they’re best for ventilating the space when cooking.

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4. Use decors that express your personality

If you just bought your new home, you have the permission to decorate it as you want it. People buy homes not only to have privacy, but because they want to express themselves. So, don’t be afraid to start decorating your home using things that express your personality. There’s no need to match everything up; it’ll all look fine once you’ll create your own personal comfort. Think about what decorations can make you feel you’re truly home. Whether you choose rustic style, modern minimalist, or contemporary style, you’ll need the right decors to complete the look. Luckily, you’ve got lots of options to choose from when it comes to decorating your home. Each room has a purpose, so make sure that you reach its full potential. Choose a piece to become the focal point of the room. Think about what makes you relaxed. If you like to watch movies, then a TV should be the focal point of the room. If you like to read, then you should choose a mini sofa and place it next to your window, for a more natural light to help you read. Any home should have their unique style. By adapting the decors and the paint, you express your own style in the home.

5. Go cozy

When it’s cold outside, you want your home to be full of extra layers and heat to feel warm and cozy. It’s not hard to make your space inviting and comfortable for the winter. How to cozy up your home? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Update your bedding with soft cushions and fleecy blankets
  • Lights and candles
  • Blankets and throws in each room
  • Throw a mix of textures (knit, burlap, wool, fur)
  • Put a soft blanket over the back of your sofa
  • Add a rug in the bathroom to cover up that cold tile
  • Embrace silver and gold touches to create a warm space an get into the spirit of holidays
  • Design a spot for reading

As the days go by, it seems harder to leave your cozy home during these dark and cold times. Use these tips to cozy up your home for the winter time. Also, use the above tips for decorating your new home and create a warm ambiance.