What to Do If Your House Has Mold

Mold is common for most households, especially for those who live in areas where dampness or moisture is in the air. Mold spreads fast, and before you know it, the whole house is affected. Once it takes over, it moves to your clothes, shoes, etc. Even the smallest amount contributes to giving the occupants health issues. If you’ve just discovered mold, you might be panicking. First, take a deep breath, and with the right knowledge, dealing with it will be easy. By treating the mold right the first time, there is less chance that it will return.

How do I know it’s mold?

Lately, if you’ve been feeling under the weather and it’s not going away, it might be due to mold. You need to ponder whether you or your family members have allergies, irritated eyes, strange headache, extreme tiredness, or constant sore throats. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, mold might be the answer.

House Has Mold1

What should I do next?

If you believe you have mold, you need to discover where it started. First, inspect the bathrooms to determine that you don’t have a leaking shower or tap. Often not much is kept under the kitchen sink, and therefore you don’t think of looking there. However, you should check any leak as it can cause damage.

A simple caulking around windows, sinks, and showers makes a difference. If you have a leak, it’s essential you consider calling out a plumber. Cleaning your gutters must be on your list of cleaning, especially removing leaves that could lead to sitting water, which eventually causes leaks into your home. If you have a crawl space, make sure there are no leaks as it frequently leads to mold and structural damage. Once the black mold is present, it spreads like wildfire. If the humidity rises in the crawl space, often, your energy bills are slightly higher.

How does air quality change?

You feel the air quality changed, and it becomes harder to cool your home. The beams and joists are affected by the moisture coming from the crawl space. If humidity leaves rise above 40%, issues can occur, such as mold. Once there is dampness, the situation only progresses with time. If you spot mold, you have moved on to the next stage. The most dangerous form is back mold. However, calling a professional, like The Mold Man, LLC, will help resolve the issue quickly and safely.

House Has Mold

What are the other warning signs of mold?

You may be confused over whether you’ve spotted mold or not. Usual signs are black spots that appear on walls or surfaces. If the area has a lot of moisture and you see mold, you must get it sorted before it gets worse.

If you notice your home isn’t smelling fresh and there’s a strange odor, mold could be the cause. Often the air will feel heavy, and for asthma suffers, it may be harder to breathe.

Lastly, did you have any previous damage to your property? If you have experienced a hurricane or a lot of rain, it’s best to check every area to make sure nothing was affected. You should do so by making sure nothing is wet and no areas of sitting water. Then call a professional mold remediation service in your area.