What to Do if You Have Been Locked Out of Your House

We’ve all been there: you left the house in a rush one morning, and you didn’t think to check for your key before shutting your door. It’s now late evening, you’ve discovered you’re locked out, and the only key you own is currently inside your house. What now?

Luckily, if you do lock yourself out of home, no matter what time of the day it is, there’s no need to panic. Take a deep breath, tell yourself you can solve this issue easily, and set about following the steps below:

1. Try your windows and back door

Sometimes our carelessness actually comes in handy, as can be applied to a situation where you’re locked out. Check your windows and your back door for the off chance you might have left them unlocked or partially open. Breaking into your own house might not do a lot for your pride, but at least it’ll solve the issue quickly.

2. Source out your spare keys

Even if you’ve managed to completely forget about it until this moment, you might have been surprisingly prepared for the inevitable back when you had your locks fitted. If that’s the case, give your siblings a call, or pop round to see your close neighbour. If you had spare keys for your home, you might have trusted one of the two to look after them in case this very situation was ever to arise.

3. Call a locksmith

Call a locksmith
If you aren’t fortunate enough to have passed on a spare set of keys to a trusted friend or family member, your only other alternative is to have your locks changed. It won’t take long for a CLK Locksmith to carry out the task, and don’t worry about having to wait for hours- locksmiths are usually on call to help you out whenever you need it most. They can quickly break into your home for you or remove your lock, and change it on the spot should you require a new one.

4. Duplicate your keys

The only good thing about mistakes is that we never make them twice- they serve to teach us a lesson. Being locked out of your home certainly teaches you that maybe it’s worth making a tiny investment in a duplicate key for either yourself or somebody else, so you’re covered if the situation arises again.

5. Consider a smart lock

Consider a smart lock
There will come a day not far into the future where physical keys are seen as old-fashioned and impractical. Because smart locks, the next big thing for home security, can be connected to your mobile phone, you won’t have to worry about leaving your key at home. Other keyless options include pin pads and fingerprint scanners.

6. Relax

Getting locked out of your house is a stressful situation for anyone to experience. Once you’re back inside, calm yourself down with a hot drink and a bit of relaxation time. One thing’s for certain- you’ll appreciate your home in a new light after being in a situation where you physically couldn’t enter it.