What do I Need To Think About When Designing My Renovation?

But, you only have one chance to get this right; you need to think about the following factors when designing your renovation.

Renovating your property is an exciting time. It is your opportunity to design your hole the way that works best for you and it allows you to stamp your own style onto the property.

Of course, you may be simply renovating to add value in which case you’ll need to follow a different approach.

But, you only have one chance to get this right; you need to think about the following factors when designing your renovation.

Start Outside

This might seem surprising but there is little point in having a stunning interior if the outside looks a mess when you arrive home.

You’ll need to paint the outside of your home or perhaps even consider cladding it.

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Of course, it is also a good idea to look at landscaping the garden. You should consider the maintenance involved in the design you select. If you are an avid gardener and have the time then you’ll enjoy doing these chores.

If not you should stick to a low maintenance garden.

Floor Layout

Just because the house is currently laid out a certain way doesn’t mean you need to keep it that way.

Consider how you use your home and the flow that suits you best. Then draw a plan.

If you need to draw a second and a third until you get the right flow. Don’t forget to look at the way the doors hang; they can easily be switched if needed.

If you are considering removing a wall then get a structural survey completed to ensure it is not load bearing!

It is also important to check with your local authority whether they need to be advised of the internal changes you are making. If so you’ll need to complete the relevant application forms.

The Rooms

Having decided the flow you need to look at the layout of the room.

It might seem early but you need to know if the sockets are in the right place and whether the lighting will be satisfactory. It is much easier to change this during the renovation than it is afterward!

Plumbing is also an important consideration. It needs to be hidden but arriving at the right place. This could take a fair bit of work if your kitchen or bathroom has moved rooms!


Once you know what you are hoping to achieve you can start working out the cost of it. You should also be looking at what is a realistic budget for the renovation works.

These two items may not agree and you’ll need to look at alternative ways of getting your desired result.

This could mean shopping round to find the best deals, doing most of the work yourself or simply leaving part of the renovation until a later date. This is usually only a viable option if there are extra rooms you don’t need at the moment.

Whatever you decide it’s important to keep to the budget and then choose a time to start and hopefully finish the work. Be aware almost all projects overrun on time!