What are the Responsibilities of a Car Manufacturer if I have a Lemon?

One of the worst things an auto buyer can experience is to find out that what they were sold was actually a lemon. Whether it be due to a used car being gussied up in order to appear newer than it actually is or if it is the case of a new car being pushed out by the manufacturer of the car, knowing that the car has problems that will drain the new owner’s bank account. When this happens, it can become a real headache to figure out what your avenues are for fixing the problem, especially considering that some states tend to handle lemons in a different way than others. In order to make the process go more smoothly, we will examine the responsibilities of car manufacturers when it comes to you getting a lemon from them.

What responsibilities do car manufacturers have when they make a lemon?

Ultimately, there are going to be a few factors we have to analyze in order to understand who is responsible for your automobile turning out to be a lemon. As discussed above, at times it can be that the manufacturer had absolutely nothing to do with why the vehicle was a lemon in the first place, such is often the case with lemon cars bought from a used car dealership. So before you go and try to place the blame on the manufacturer themselves, you need to figure that out. If not, you may end up wasting time and money pursuing the wrong party. You also need to provide adequate evidence to suggest that your car qualifies as a lemon. Your claim may be dismissed entirely if you are unable to provide it. Evidence may vary depending on the state, but in California for instance, the standards for lemon classification involves a good faith effort on your part to get multiple things fixed (at least two), among other things, including four or more attempts to fix a warranty problem, a problem which takes the vehicle out of service for a minimum of 30 days, and/or any problems that cause your vehicle’s performance, value, and/or safety reduced from what was advertised. Some auto manufacturers may decide to be less cooperative than is ideal, making it that much more of a headache to get a refund for or replacement of your lemon vehicle. In the event that such a thing happens, getting in contact with an attorney who specializes in lemon law, particularly with experience dealing with troublesome auto manufacturers. Such an attorney can even help you determine whether your vehicle fits the standards of a lemon vehicle, if you are having trouble determining that on your own.

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