What are the Multiple Tests Handled by the MOT When They are Reviewing Vehicles?

The MOT test is a compulsory examination that vehicle owners have to handle annually, post three years of purchasing a new car. It makes sure vehicles on the road are environment-friendly, safe, and not a risk to anyone.

What does the MOT test comprise of?

MOT test

The MOT does a thorough annual examination of vehicles and marks them roadworthy. There are a couple of tests that fall under their purview, some of which are:

  • The indication lights on the vehicle dashboard that make sure there aren’t any issues with the internal functioning of the car.
  • The windscreen and the car containing enough cleaning liquid so the driver always has a clear view of the road ahead.
  • A functional engine and the vehicle giving out the proper volume of emissions
  • The vehicle lights have to be functional, including hazard lights, headlights, and indicators.
  • The doors have to open and close without any trouble.
  • The quality of the tires, they need the right amount of threading to grip the road.

Have there been any changes to the MOT tests post the declaration of Brexit?

MOT test comprise2
Recently, there have been a couple of changes regarding the MOT tests. Certain departments are looking to modify and dismantle the tests altogether. Although multiple debates are being held about this, it doesn’t seem like the mandatory tests are going anywhere.

There are talks about executing it in other areas, like Jersey. However, further evaluation of the plan proved that it cannot be handled in the short run since there aren’t enough mechanics or garages to handle the overload of vehicles they would receive.

Institutions such as the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) have been pushing for the MOT test to be stopped since they believe vehicles have come a long way from the middle of the previous century with a lot more security features and that the tests are no longer relevant. Furthermore, they pointed out that statistically, a majority of accidents caused are due to driver mistakes over vehicle issues.

In response, RAC Limited tackled these queries stating that vehicles are in good a condition because of the regular MOT test, implying that the tests are needed to keep the roads safe. They went a step further to mention that if tests are cancelled, people would stop checking on their cars, making the roads a lot more dangerous than they currently are. Additionally, more than a third of all vehicles that go through the system, fail the test, solve the issues they had, retry, and pass the test, implying that there are problems that the test is catching and it is keeping safer cars on the road.

The MOT test does cost drivers a small amount annually and takes about an hour to complete which means cars have to be left at the shop till they are tested. However, this is a small amount to pay to have a car completely roadworthy and safe.