Understanding How You Can Create a Camp Kitchen

Cooking at a camp brings in some important memories that you may want to carry along with you. However, it is not always straightforward. You need to prepare a camp kitchen to avoid eating at your tent because the tent has other roles to play.

Why do you need a camp kitchen?

Most people ask this question because they think that cooking is not a problem if you have a tent. With a portable gas stove, you are good to go so long as the weather remains cool all through. However, sometimes you need more than that, mainly because you may not predict what the weather will throw at you.


Therefore, with this uncertainty, you should have the correct gear to make sure that you do not have a stressful experience. Consequently, you should have the right skills to help you make your camp kitchen for your next camping trip.

What to keep in mind for your kitchen set up?

There are different camp kitchen designs that you can choose to use to create your next camp kitchen. However, you need the latest models to ensure that you have all the right things in place. Here is what you need for your camping kitchen in 2020.


The first thing that you need to have in place is the camp kitchen shelter. You should find a good location for your kitchen, near your tent, and erect a tarp shelter.

Using a tarp to make your kitchen shelter is the best option you halve. However, it is a skill that most campers do not possess, and you should learn it because it is quick and straightforward.

The way you configure your tarp for shelter depends on different things. First, you should consider the amount of space that you have and the weather conditions.

Create a windbreak

Always have a windbreak in mind. Windbreaks are essential because there may be strong winds in the jungle. If the winds blow your stove or firewood, it may lead to a lot of waste because you may end up using more than you could not have.

Also, sometimes you do not need people around your fireplace. A windbreak can also help keep them away, and it is essential always to match its color with the tent color.

Set up your cooking stove


You may choose a camping stove for your camp while others may opt to use a fire pit. Both options are good, but a gas stove is more efficient and the best option that you may pick for a pleasant camping experience.

First, you should find a good cooking stove that is fuel-efficient, then when planning your cooking area, have a level surface to place the cooking stove. If your camping site allows a fire pit, it is a great option, but you should find out any restrictions first before setting it up.

Tables and storage space


First, you should ensure the kitchen table has a flat surface that you can place utensils on or even serve food without a problem.

Also, you may opt for a kitchen table that has a windshield in case it turns out to be too windy. The storage space that comes with a kitchen table can help you store clean utensils, cutlery, and perishables. Therefore, it should also be sufficient to allow you to have a pleasant experience.

Also, you can have variations of tables for different needs. For instance, you can have aluminum and plastic tables. You can place hot pans on aluminum tables while the plastic tables can help with other tasks.

Cool boxes

Storing drinks and meat requires cold storage. Therefore, you need to carry with you a cool box or even more than one depending on the amount of space you need. Also, you should ensure it is solar powered to help you save on costs. Also, it can still run in places with no electricity.

Kitchen stores

If your tables do not have sufficient space for storage, you can carry with you a kitchen storer. It can take all your utensils, cutlery, towels, and other kitchen essentials. It is portable and an easy solution to carrying these things around the campsite.


A camp kitchen is one of the most important things you should set up on your first day at a campsite. Although there are different designs, we have listed some essential things you may need for a camp kitchen. You should set it up following all directions to ensure it works as you expect.

With all these things in place, you only need to set them up correctly. It will help to reduce accidents that may result from cooking in your tent and also save the space in your tent for other functions.