When Should You be Looking to Get Replacement Windows

Windows come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, styles, colors. Any given home can possibly have matching windows all around, but chances are very good that you’ve got at least a few that are of different dimensions so they can fit in more oddly-shaped areas of the home.

Windows in different rooms can also serve different purposes. That might sound strange but just think about it – in some rooms getting as much light in as possible is your priority and the windows installed should reflect that. In other rooms that you may not use nearly as much, you may be interested in getting the most energy-efficient windows. And beyond just functionality sometimes you may just want different rooms to look different ways and window styles are a fantastic way to do that.

Window Replacement Charlotte NC

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Now when it comes to replacing your old & existing windows, there could be an endless number of reasons why you’re looking into having it done. Maybe you’re looking for something that can help you cut back on energy costs, or maybe something easier to clean, or windows that have more functionality to them so you can actually operate and clean them without making it an ordeal! Stepping into the world of window replacement can get extremely expensive, so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for before you plan to make any big investments!

Should you consider window repair?

Are most of your issues pretty simple – things like you can feel a draft coming through a few particular spots in a few windows or they fog up constantly, maybe they get stuck open or closed and are very hard to operate and clean as a result? Well, as long as the issue isn’t too big a lot of old windows can be repaired pretty easily and far more affordable then. There are a few big things that CAN’T be repaired and will be to be outright replaced as soon as possible let’s review a few of those here

  • Double-pang glass fogged up: Once fogging has started to occur between the panes of glass it cannot be fixed. The only realistic solution is replacing the glass entirely, and at that point, you may as well just replace the entire window.
  • Rot or wood decay: If you have rotting wood or any kind of decay going on, it’s pretty much impossible to stop or remedy this unless you are ready to replace all organic parts like wood and from then on out keep a very close eye on it and maintain its quality.
  • Replacement Hardware: For a lot of windows once they are out of production you just can’t really find pieces and replacement parts for them easily. When it does get to the point that you can hardly even find the pieces you need you should start looking into a replacement. And if you do have to go that route you can be sure this time to shop for a window that WILL have parts available in the future!

If your windows ARE in need of full-on replacement, here are a few more things that we think you need to consider as you shop around and try to find what is best for you

Replacement windows greatly affect the curb appeal of your home

Replacement Windows2

Windows are easily one of the most prominent and noticed features of any home, something as simple as installing windows with a new design can completely change the look and feel of your home from both inside and out. As important as energy efficiency and actual function IS to your window selection, don’t neglect to make sure you pick out a nice design for your windows! Picking the right ones is going to do nothing but boost the curb appeal and value of your home while ugly or just non-matching windows will do nothing more than decrease your home’s value and leave you with a big hole in your wallet for nothing! So again do be careful to consider everything from the light they let into energy savings and just how easy they are to use, but also don’t lose sight of basic aesthetics because to many that is what matters most!

Energy Savings & Other Perks

It’s been found through various studies at this point that replacing your old windows with new and modern ones can reduce your average energy bill by anywhere from 10% to 25%. The catch is that you’re only really going to see maximum energy savings when your windows have been absolutely perfectly installed by nothing less than expert installers. You can have the most incredible energy savings windows ever made but they will do little to nothing more than a normal window if the installation is at all of!

A huge part of any good window replacement charlotte nc is just going to be the company or people you decide to employ to do it for you. This is NOT the type of stuff to cut corners on or ironically you will find yourself just losing more and more money than ever. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, find the BEST local company for your window replacement work.

Don’t forget that a home is an asset and in doing something like replacing all of the 20+-year-old super leaky windows with these nice new energy-efficient ones that will actually keep all that expensive A/C you pay for inside your home and not leaking outside to be purely wasted, you’ll never get the climate-controlled out there! When you have these nice new beautiful windows installed you’re going to be able to enjoy knowing the fact that all the A/C or heat you pay for is staying in your home and not going elsewhere, they look great from the road and people will be admiring them, and it should help the value of your home increase further! Again, do be sure to take a close look yourself or call an expert out for an initial look to gauge whether or not you’ll be better off just looking directly down the replacement route or trying to repair any of them and save you a buck if possible!