What’s New? The Top 7 Interior Design Trends For 2019

After all, your home is your castle and you want it to feel like an expression of your personality. That’s why people might spend up to $20,000 on an interior designer.

Interior design changes as fast as fashion. If you’re looking to keep up to date with these top interior design trends for 2019 then read on.

We may already be into spring 2019 but there’s still plenty of time to check out new interior design trends.

After all, your home is your castle and you want it to feel like an expression of your personality. That’s why people might spend up to $20,000 on an interior designer.

But you can get the look without the price tag by following trends yourself. If you’re looking for the top interior design trends for 2019, read on!

  1. Monochromatic Palettes

Monochromatic Palettes

Don’t confuse monochrome designs with minimalism. Or with black-and-white. True monochrome design schemes use a single color – whatever that may be.

It’s an elegant look, and it makes design choices easier if everything needs to be a certain color.

If this sounds boring, it doesn’t have to be. Switch up the textures you choose to bring interest to the room.

You might choose yellow as your monochromatic color. Pair pale walls with a fluffy rug. Then have a simple sofa with textured cushions. All in different tones of yellow.

Try and avoid using gray, black, or white though. Warmer schemes have replaced these cooler color palettes.

You can even bring this trend to other rooms. Refresh your kitchen cabinets with a new paint job to match your new color scheme. Those in Canada might want to ask Calgary painters for quotes on paint jobs.

  1. Maximalism

Love having hundreds of books crammed into one room? Big fan of candles or ornaments from your travels?

This trend is for you! Minimalism is definitely out and maximalism is in.

Think bright graphic prints or abstract art on the walls. Packed bookcases and bold rugs make a room feel more ‘homey’.

Ornaments don’t need to match. They just need to tell the ‘story of you’.

And ditch the sleek metal lamps for something funky and, dare we say it, tacky.

It’s all about bright colors, geometric shapes, house plants, and textures. Don’t worry about redecorating though. The look works best against plain walls (cream or white) and wooden floors.

  1. Go Abstract with Your Furniture

Abstract with Your Furniture

If you like the look of maximalism but you’re not into abstract wall prints, don’t despair. You can still get part of the trend through your furniture choices.

Pick bold designs for office chairs or sofas. But get the most impact by choosing bright colors or geometric patterns.

Solid colors or two-tone patterns look more ‘designed’ than ornate furniture. If you’re going for maximalism with ornaments, keep the lines of your furniture simple.

These more abstract designs also work well if you want to keep things simple. A well-chosen piece like a single chair makes more of a statement.

This trend also pairs well with the other trends. Bold furniture designs in a single color work within monochromatic schemes. Or a textile print helps you incorporate the trends below.

  1. Botanicals

Putting plants everywhere is in keeping with the maximalism trend. But plants, in general, are their own trend too.

House plants are one way to get involved. Pick plants that suit the location you’ve got in mind.

Don’t put a plant that needs full sun in a shady corner. And don’t pick plants that don’t need much water if you’re not great at plant care.

Choosing one statement plant is another great way to use the trend. Why not pick a dragon tree or an indoor palm as a focal piece?

If you’re not blessed with green fingers, don’t despair. Use plant-themed colors like green or even blue. Or introduce plant-based textiles around the room.

Choosing materials featuring leaf or flower prints to try out the trend.

  1. Bring the Seaside to You

Don’t live near a beach? It doesn’t matter – use interior design trends to bring the seaside to you!

We don’t mean the typical beachy interior design like faux-driftwood and shells everywhere. No one wants their living room to look like a beachside cafe favored by tourists.

This trend is all about being chic and elegant. Start with natural materials like wood and seagrass. Cotton and rattan also add texture while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

And metal is a big part of the maritime trend. Go for brushed steel or muted dark options instead of brash yellow or bronze choices.

  1. Other Forms of Nature

Between botanicals and a seaside vibe, you might think we’ve covered the nature trend.

But there’s so much more to this trend than plants and seagrasses.

Look at natural materials like wool and wood. Stone is a fantastic choice that works throughout the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Animal prints are a great way to try out the nature trend while hitting elements of maximalism.

Combine the nature and monochrome trends by using the color coral. Named the color of the year by Pantone, it’s a great way to use interior design trends in 2019.

  1. Rugs

Most people would use rugs in the living room or bedrooms.

They help bring warmth to wooden or laminate floors. Rugs also help to muffle sound for those living in apartment buildings.

And they’re easier to change out than full wall-to-wall carpet. Swap your rug every time you redecorate.

But don’t feel restricted to only using rugs in the living room. Try adding one to your home office for extra comfort.

Even the kitchen can handle rugs if you spend a lot of time in there. Pick fabrics you can easily clean.

Rugs match any of the other trends listed here. So start with your theme and work from there!

The Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

The beauty of the interior design trends for 2019 is they mix and match so well. Combine botanical prints with a monochromatic color palette. Or choose a maritime statement piece and pair it with textured rugs.

Or you can use just one theme as a design guide for any, or all, of the rooms in your home. Sticking to one trend makes it easier to make the right choices more quickly.

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