Types of Burglar Alarms and Security Cameras

Here are a few most common burglars’ alarms.

Burglar alarms and security cameras are among the most prevalent types of security devices. Both the burglar alarms and security devices are equally useful to keep your house safe. Still, in some cases, the alarm installation is preferable than wasting extra money on security cameras.

This article is about various types of burglar alarms and security devices available in the market. After knowing all these types, you can analyze your needs and situation and buy the most suitable security device for your house or office.

Types of burglar alarms

Here are a few most common burglars’ alarms.

The wired burglar alarms

The wired burglar alarms need a LAN connection to work. If you live at such a place where the wireless intent connection is weak, buying a wired alarm is the only option. The wired burglar alarms are best when you know how to hide the wires of the sensors.

The wireless burglar alarms


The wireless burglar alarms are the latest types of burglar alarms. You need a strong WIFI connection to make the wireless alarm system work. The best apart about the wireless burglar alarms are the simple alarm installation ; you can do it all by yourself without spending a single buck on the electrician.

Monitored alarm systems

The monitored alarm systems are the most secure type of burglar alarms. For a monitored alarm system, you sign a security contract with a security company, and they work as the monitors of your place.

Whenever there is some movement in your house, the monitoring security company will call you to check if everything is okay. If in case they will feel something suspicious, they will automatically alert the nearest police station.

Types of security cameras

These are the common types of security cameras available in the market.

The wired security cameras


These are also known as the IP, POE/CCTV security cameras. You need a strong wired LAN connection to make these security cameras work. These security cameras are suitable for a big house and office. You need to pay a lot of money for the installation of the wired security cameras.

The wireless security cameras

These security cameras are of several types. The most prevalent ones are the hidden security cameras and the battery-powered cellular security cameras.

These cameras are the best for those places where you cannot rely on the wired internet connection. The best part about the wireless security cameras is their minimum reliability on wires and the internet connection.

For the cellular security cameras, you do not even need to connect them with the internet connection. The sim in the security camera will work as a mobile phone sim, and you only need to set an internet package once in a while. Such security cameras are best to install in forests and farmhouses.