Top Tips For Successfully Installing A Window AC Unit?

But, if you want to install a window AC unit then you need to know the following top tips:

There are several types of air conditioning unit, the portable unit is potentially the easiest to fit but it can be noisy. In contrast, a window air conditioning unit is also simple to fit but keeps the majority of the noise outside your home.

It’s significantly more affordable than a central air conditioning unit and you can fit the unit yourself. Of course, it’s worth calling the industrial air conditioning specialist to do it for you. It’s likely they’ll get the job done much faster and they’ll provide a guarantee.

But, if you want to install a window AC unit then you need to know the following top tips:


A window air conditioner fits into your window space, allowing you to close your window and keep your home secure. The first step in the fitting process, after verifying that you actually have all the relevant parts, is to find the center of your window.

However, before you do that you should identify which window is best to fit it in. You’ll need to look at the way air flows around your home and put the air conditioner in the path of airflow.
Then, mark the center with a pencil and you’re ready to start installing.

Fit The Weather Strip

Fit The Weather Strip

A good quality air conditioner will have a weather strip that fits between it and the window. This prevents warm air from getting in and can keep out small bugs. Fit this carefully to your window.

Side Panels

Next, you’ll need to add the side panels into your window AC unit. The best idea is to insert them all the way in and tighten them properly. You should make sure all the screws are used, this prevents any gaps appearing that allow warm air and allergens in.

The Window

The Window

You can now lift the air conditioner into the window space. It is best to do this with two people as your window is open and you don’t want to accidentally put the AC unit too far and have it fall to the ground. This will also give you a second pair of hands that can slide the window shut on the air conditioner.

The air conditioner should be central in your window. You’ll find the window drops down perfectly securing the unit. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to move the unit slightly to get the right spot.
With the window closed the unit should be secure. Don’t forget to pull the sides out to ensure they cover the entire gap.

Checking the Unit

However, the majority of the weight is going to be on the outside of the window. That means you need to add ‘L’ shaped brackets to the wall outside. These will help to take the weight of the unit and prevent it from falling.

You should also add small ‘L’ brackets to the top of the window and screw them into the other window frame. This will ensure the window is secured and can’t be pushed open by an intruder.