Top Roofing Mistakes You Should Know

The roof is arguably one of the most important components of the home. That is why it should be given priority when it comes to repair and maintenance. A lot of homeowners will only start looking for solutions when there is an obvious problem. This shouldn’t be the case as it could be too late and you might have to look for a new roof. That is why you should be doing inspections regularly so that potential problems are identified early before they get out of hand. You can reach out to Saalfeld Construction Roofing Omaha if you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor for the repairs and installations. Here are some of the roofing mistakes which people make that can be costly.

Covering Shingles Instead of Replacing Them

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of shoddy roofing companies will make. This is because it is cheaper and more convenient in the short term but it is not a long-lasting solution. The correct way of doing the repair is to remove the old shingles and replace it with a new one. This can be challenging, especially if the problem is spread across the whole roof. A good roofing contractor will be able to advise whether it is economical to replace the shingles or if a complete haul will be needed. Placing new shingles on the old ones can lead to so many problems with moisture penetration being one of them. This will lead to deterioration of the roof and you will have to call the contractor sooner than you think.

Improper Moisture Protection

Most of the problems with the roof will begin when moisture finds its way beneath the surface. You will start noticing spots on your ceiling because of a leak. The shingles will do a great job in protecting the roof from moisture but it is still recommended that you have a protection mechanism underneath.

This will not only protect the underneath from rain, but also from other moisture sources such as snow. A moisture barrier is a must-have for your roof to be properly protected and only an experienced roofing contractor will be aware of how to go about the process.

Reusing Old Flashing

The main purpose of the metal flashing on the roof is to prevent moisture from getting into your home. If you’re replacing your roof, you should not be cutting corners by using old flashing. Some roofers will do so in order to cut costs which is not recommended as it could be costly in the long run. The old flashing might appear to be in good condition but will not be effective in preventing moisture penetration. It won’t be long before you call the same contractor again because of a leaking roof. Make sure that the roofing contractor is only using a new flashing for the roofing installation.

Incorrect Nail Placement

This is a rookie mistake but it doesn’t but that you can’t be a victim. It is likely to happen when you’re using an inexperienced roofing contractor. Incorrect nail placement could lead to moisture penetration. If short nails are used to fasten the shingles, there is the risk of them loosening after a while. This will result in premature placement and repairs which are not something that you’d want after spending thousands of dollars on a new roof. A good roofing contractor will ensure that the nails are going well in the roofing deck and the right sizes are being used to tighten the shingles.

Improper Ventilation

The roof will need to be properly ventilated in order to function at maximum capacity. As a homeowner, you might have heard of roof ventilation for the first time when doing the replacements or repairs. The ventilation is important for the longevity of the roof. An experienced roofing contractor will only use high-quality roofing material and proper installation techniques to ensure that the roof is ventilated at all times. A roof that is not properly ventilated will lead to heat buildup which will ultimately lead to moisture beneath the surface.

Improper Flashing Installation

The flashing will need to be installed properly for the holistic functioning of the roof. If it is misaligned, your roofing structure will not be prepared to handle snow or a storm. There could lead to moisture problems which will damage the roof over time. Make sure that the contractor is doing the right thing when it comes to flashing installation on your roof.