Taking Your Collection with You

The time has come to move, but you’re concerned about taking your collection with you. Let us put those worries to rest. Your moving company knows how important your collection is to you and will take every step to ensure its safety. Let’s look at how it’s done.


Collectable coins make up the bulk of most collections moved by moving companies as of this writing. They’re heavy, numerous, and with thousands of tiny pieces. It’s the perfect thing for a moving company to work with because it requires so much attention to detail. As your moving company processes each piece, it is recorded with a special number attached to it.

If so desired, similar pieces can be placed together in boxes. You need only request it from your movers and note which coins go into which boxes. So long as your instructions are clear, this can make re-organizing your collection much easier once you finish your moving trip.


Stamp collectors are another common sight. Though the hobby has lost some popularity over time, it’s still quite the trend. If your stamps are not sealed, ask your moving company for water-protective packaging. You may wish to wrap your stamps in commercial binding as well.

Collectors should take pictures of the conditions of their stamps prior to shipment. This helps everyone stay on the same page, especially in the case of older or worn stamps that are worth very high prices. Many of these are now unable to be replaced and should be treated as such. Document each stamp and its value on your packing list, too.


Tiny vases, little teapots, or happy kitty cats are some of the most prolific collectibles that movers pack. Though knick-knacks can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and appearance, we encourage you to let your movers know about your collection at booking. Why? Knick-knacks require a lot of careful wrapping. If you are a prolific collector, the packers may need an extra day or two to place your knick-knacks in tight, safe storage boxes to get them where they’re going safe and sound. They may also need to bring a little extra padded wrapping paper for the job.

Large or Heavy Collections

Perhaps your collection is vehicles or in particularly interesting rocks. In that case, we recommend inviting a moving surveyor out to your home to examine your collection. These are professionals, trained in careful approximation of how many boxes, bags, wraps, and how much paper the moving crew will need to properly transport your possessions.

Vehicle transport is available, though this will also require extra planning. Speak with your moving company about their vehicle and fleet moving options. Potentially hazardous collections, such as guns or other weapons, should be checked with the moving company prior to the moving crew arriving.

Permanent Sealing

If you have a small collection that you would like to have permanently sealed in resin or another form of permanent sealing, you should speak with your moving company. Many moving companies either do the work themselves or hire out for these sorts of situations. Many clients only move once or twice in their lives, meaning that collections are assumed to be somewhat invulnerable. They are never removed from the home, or even their place in the home.

During the move, you may realize that you wish to permanently preserve these items. Your movers can assist with that.