Rejuran Singapore: Is it Right for you?

Rejuran is not only helpful in reversing the signs of aging. It has also been used widely in reducing the appearance of acne scars. 

If you wish to reverse the signs of aging and regain your youthfulness, your doctor may recommend Rejuran treatment. This treatment is majorly preferred among millennials because of its ability to diminish scars’ appearance, refine pore sizes, improve the skin’s elasticity, and tighten the skin to make it firmer, among other benefits.

When comparing options for skin restoration procedures like Rejuran, Singapore is usually highly regarded among beauty enthusiasts. Reputed clinics like the Artisan Clinic are famed for their skill in bringing out the desired looks that any patient would hope for via skin restoration.

Is Rejuran Effective?

Rejuran is not only helpful in reversing the signs of aging. It has also been used widely in reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Rejuran is effective in reversing the signs of aging. This is made possible by the salmon DNA that’s formulated in the treatment. It also contains highly purified polynucleotide (PN) that’s most effective in;

  • Accelerating your skin’s natural healing process.
  • Stimulating receptors to rejuvenate cells and
  • Increasing collagen production to make your skin regain a firmer appearance.

Rejuran can therefore help in managing or healing skins;

  • With acne scars
  • With wrinkles
  • That are dehydrated
  • With enlarged pores and others.

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Is Rejuran Safe? Who should/Not have it?

To begin with, Rejuran is currently approved in Singapore by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA). Much research has been done on the treatment, and the findings have been positive, indicating no major side effects of the procedure. Ideally, in the cases where adverse effects have been reported, the effects were limited to temporary issues like bruising and mild pain.

Now, if your skin is prone to acne and you haven’t seen much success with major acne remedies, your dermatologist may recommend a Rejuran healer to help you manage the condition. They can combine it with Botox to reduce pore sizes and sebum to manage your condition.

Either way, if you have active acne lesions, they may as well combine the treatment with steroids for your treatment. When it comes to skin types where Rejuran works best, studies have shown that Rejuran healer works for most skin types.

It is worth noting that even though this treatment is effective, you may need to be patient to begin seeing improvements. Depending on your skin, you may fail to notice any visual improvement after your first session.

Usually, the regeneration and healing process at the cellular level doesn’t happen abruptly and may need time. Ideally, you may need between 3 and 4 sessions, spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart, to get the optimal results.

Perhaps your primary concern with this treatment is downtime. Now, it doesn’t really matter whether your dermatologist gives you Rejuran injections manually or by using machines.

You may see small bumps or needle marks on the first day after your treatment. Fortunately, these effects are temporary, and most people can usually resume normal activities on their second or third day.

Your doctor may however not recommend Rejuran if;

  • You have a severe seafood allergy.
  • You are on blood thinners like warfarin, as the Rejuran injections would make your skin more prone to bruising and bleeding.

Is Rejuran Painful?

It is worth noting that during this procedure, your dermatologist will administer the treatment through superficial intradermal injections using a tiny needle. Depending on the clinic where you’re getting Rejuran in Singapore, your doctor may use very tiny needles to minimize the discomfort that may come with the needle piercing through your skin.

The number of injections you’ll get on a specific area will depend on the size of the area you wish to treat. For instance, if you want the treatment to take care of the whole of your face, including the nasolabial region, the temples, forehead, lower and upper eyelids, and your forehead, your dermatologist may administer between two to three hundred injections.

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There is a wide variety of technologies that your dermatologist may use to minimize pain, for example, using a Zimmer Cryo Cooler to cool your epidermis before administering an injection, during the treatment, or after the treatment. Alternatively, they may also use topical numbing agents or just oral painkillers.

Find the Best Rejuran Treatment Clinic in Singapore

As a basic rule of thumb, before signing on the dotted line for this medical procedure, it is prudent that you be assured that you can trust the clinic and the physicians. Because of that, here are a few questions you may ask your dermatologist to confirm that they have the skills to administer the treatment.

  • How long have you been administering Rejuran treatments in Singapore?
  • Are you board-certified? What’s the proof?
  • How reputed is your clinic? Can I find past customer reviews on reputed sites like DoctorxDentist?

It would be better to be treated by a board-certified dermatologist experienced and skilled in this field. The facility should also be highly rated by past clients.

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