Quick Repair Tips for Your Home

One would say that getting one’s own house and calling oneself a homeowner is a great milestone for anyone. But owning a house has it’s certain disadvantages, and house maintenance is one of them. There are everyday responsibilities, of course, like washing the dishes and doing the laundry, but those are easily accomplished.

Now here’s the dilemma. What happens when something breaks or overflows or discolors? Some malfunctions in the house are small enough that calling a professional to fix them can be a waste of time. So it’s better to learn a few home-repair tricks now so you will know what to do when something doesn’t work properly in the future. Below are some quick house repairs you can accomplish within a day.

Leaky Toilets

To fix leaky toilets, the first thing you should check is the ball float; it controls the water levels. Sometimes, it lets the water rise too high until it reaches the overflow pipe, so it goes right out the drain. To fix this, you need to tighten the screw at the top of the arm mechanism or bend it down. This can be enough to adjust the arm for the ball float.

Grout on the Tiles

To replace the grout on the tiles of the bathroom, you will need a rotary tool then look for the grout removal attachment. This tool can help you get the grout off within two hours. You are then free to replace it with a new style.

Locked Doors

There may have been times when you’ve already locked the door when you realize that the key is inside the house. With no extra keys, how do you enter the house again? A lock pick set can be your solution. Though lock picking is considered a crime if done in houses not yours, you get a free pass if it’s your own home. Get yourself some Peterson lock picks, read a few tutorials, and start picking your home’s lock if ever you find yourself locked out—again.

Leaky Showerhead

A leaky showerhead can be really annoying. You can fix one with an electrical tape, wrench, screwdriver, new rubber gasket, and Teflon tape. First thing you should do is wrap the nut in electrical tape. Using a wench, unscrew it, then pop out the gasket with the screwdriver. If there is buildup in the pipe, clean it out and place the new gasket. Use Teflon tape to wrap the threads, then reinstall the showerhead.

These are just a few of the household fixes you can do on your own. You can add to this list as you find more DIY house repairs along the way. The important thing is you know how to maintain your home in a way that you can live comfortably. Fixing leaky showerheads and opening locked doors may be a small thing, but to a new homeowner, it is a big breath of fresh air to know these little things.

Add more domestic knowledge by reading home magazines and blogs that feature all things about the home. You see, small problems in the home become bigger if not addressed early on. With basic home-repair knowledge, your house will remain looking great through the years because you were able to fix small problems.