Popular Sofa Styles for Your House

If you are out looking for the trendiest sofas, then consider choosing from the following styles:

A sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture you have in your house. Its size alone makes it the center of attention for anyone who enters your lounging space. Therefore, you must invest your time and money in picking the best sofa style for your house.

There are plenty of things that decide your choice of sofa, from the overall aesthetics and size of your living room to your budget. Most people have durability, comfort, and affordability as their top priority when looking for a sofa, instead of its design. However, the design should be an important consideration. The right design can completely transform the look of your living room and make every other element come together effortlessly.

If you are out looking for the trendiest sofas, then consider choosing from the following styles:

1. U-shaped Sofas

U-shaped Sofas

This sofa style is different than the traditional sofa set we’ve all been accustomed to using over the years. Three pieces are put together to complete the U shape which can be used individually as well.

A u-shaped sofa works best in a large living room because of its size. The material used to make this style is easy to customize as it usually comes in faux leather or canvas cloth.

2. Sectional Sofas

The 21st century is all about innovation and advancements which is why unique furniture designs are always well-received by the audience. The craze for sectional sofas started with the need to be creative in a small space and later became a fashion statement.

These sofas allow you to create a partition within a room and create seating space for more people than conventional sofas. They work as a boundary for open spaces and are perfect for modern homes.

3. L-shaped Sofas

L-shaped Sofas
L-shaped sofas tend to be more popular among homeowners than U-shaped sofas since they are closer to the conventional sofa designs. They look better when placed against a wall and can complement most house layouts easily. They are big enough to seat six to seven people comfortably without causing anyone to readjust their sitting position. Furthermore, you can detach it from the middle and use it as two separate pieces if it suits you better.

L-shaped sofas are usually made in leather, making them an easy to clean option for those who have kids in the house.

4. Convertible Styles

Not many people can say no to convenience and getting more than what they signed up for in a bargain. Convertible sofas are one of those bargains where you don’t only get a sofa but a bed too. They do not take much space and are a viable option to make the most of a small space such as student dormitories and shared apartments. Once you start looking around, you’ll be pleased to find a large variety of convertibles in the market.

5. Chaise Sofa

Chaise Sofa
The Chaise sofa is an evolved form of a sectional sofa that is considered more comfortable than the conventional sectional sofas. Unlike a regular sectional sofa, they do not have sitting sections with individual cushions; instead, there is just side support for you to rest your arms comfortably.

Most people don’t like cushions and sectional sofas are accompanied by at least six cushions making it hard for people to lay down comfortably. The chaise style of sofas provides enough room for an average human to lay down and rest comfortably on a flat surface.

If you like minimalist yet trendy designs, then buying a chaise sofa might be the best option for you. They are also ideal for small houses and apartments as they don’t take up much space.

6. Camelback Style

As stated earlier, the most popular designs nowadays are just an evolved version of the traditional sofa styles. The camelback sofa style is an example of such an evolution as it changed the simple sofa design to something new by adding humps at its back.

Camelback comes in three different varieties, based on the number of humps you want to add at its back. These are made in a variety of materials including leather and wood varieties.

7. Chesterfield Style

Chesterfield Style
Chesterfield is different than most conventional sofa styles as its arms and back have the same height. If you want to identify a chesterfield among other sofa styles, look for rolled and stuffed upholsteries with button tufting on its entire length.

The most popular chesterfield sofa colors include all shades of red such as maroon and ruby. You will also find varieties in darker shades such as brown and black. Original and faux leather are the most popular kind of material used in the production of a chesterfield sofa.

The Chesterfield style works well in places such as libraries, study rooms, and offices as it looks elegant and sleek. You might not want to lie on it for long hours but its expensive-looking exterior will make you fall in love with it immediately.

8. Mid-Century Style

Mid-century sofas are simple but popular because of their association with popular TV shows over the years. You must have seen them being featured in TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory, which make them timeless pieces to have in your home.

The Mid-century style includes simple cushioned sofas that are raised from the back because of their wooden legs. They are usually made in a rectangular shape.

9. Unique Designs

There are sofa styles that are difficult to categorize because of their unique and unconventional styles. Nowadays there are many sofas in the market that come in irregular shapes but they are the perfect addition to modern living rooms.

There are some mid-century sofa styles that have curved backs and shapes that are difficult to define but they are the best option for those looking to give their living area a unique and artistic look.

In Summary:

We’ve only mentioned a few of the popular sofa styles but there are still many more that we haven’t discussed in this list. A little research on the types available in the market will leave you surprised by how many different varieties of furniture you can find today. Given the number of options available, deciding on the right sofa for your home can prove to be one of the most difficult choices you have to make in decorating your home.

If you want to buy something that compliments the interior and layout of your home, pay attention to the size and practicality of the sofa you intend to buy. Buying something just because it looked great in a magazine or at someone else’s house is a strategy that can easily backfire on you.