How to Clean Your Carpets and Keep Them Looking Like New

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll show you what to do to properly clean your carpets and to keep them looking like new for a very long time!

Carpets are bound to get dirty. After all, we walk on them daily and, depending on where they are placed, they may have to endure quite a lot of traffic.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean them regularly or even try to make them look like new. We all know that a squeaky-clean carpet can change the look of your living room entirely.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll show you what to do to properly clean your carpets and to keep them looking like new for a very long time!

Regular Vacuuming

If you really want to keep your carpets clean, then you’ll have to vacuum at least once every week – and twice a week in the busy areas of your home. It is safe to say that vacuuming once a month won’t help your carpets look like new.
Regular Vacuuming

This is because dirt comes with really nasty abrasive qualities. This means that, when it’s been constantly stepped on and ground into the carpet, it will eventually erode its backside.

Stronger Cleaning

Vacuuming, even though quite efficient, can remove only up to 75% of debris and dirt – there’s quite a lot left on the carpet itself.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you also rely on a carpet cleaner for such cleaning. You can use this type of tool every other week or so for in-depth cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners will get rid of most if not all the dirt that has gathered in your carpet and will also wash it and provide it with a fluffy look.

Spill Soak Up

When it comes to accidental spills, the key is to be fast and, most importantly, never rub!
Spill Soak Up
When faced with a spill on your beloved carped, grab a cleaning solution and dab it on the spilled spot as soon as possible. Then, use a clean cloth or paper towels to blot the stained area. Instead of trying to rub the liquid away, you should soak it up.

Also, keep in mind to blot from the exterior to the interior of the area in danger.

Club Soda

Reportedly, club soda can get rid of most carpet stains – coffee, the little accidents of your pets, red wine, and even tea.

All you have to do is to pour club soda generously over a spill, dab a few times with a clean cloth, and done. The stain should be as good as gone!

Professional Cleaning

Once in a while, it is recommended that you have a professional cleaning company to take care of your carpets.
Professional Cleaning
Just as with teeth whitening, the dentist will take care of every spot and stain, but it is up to you to maintain the whiteness of your teeth – the same applies to carpets.

While a professional cleaner will make it look like it just got out of the store, it’s your job to apply all of the above and keep it that way!

The Bottom Line

Overall, keeping a carpet clean is based on a couple of tips and tricks that you have to get accustomed to – such as only to blot stains and never rub them.

If you pair the handy tips and tricks with a decent vacuum cleaner and with a powerful professional carpet cleaner, then you may end up not having any stains on your carpet for a very long time!