How to Choose the Right Shutter Style for Your Room

Finding the right interior shutters for your home can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from and an endless amount of colors, the choices can seem daunting. However, never worry about what your choices again with our tips on how to choose the right shutter style for your room. Find the right shutters style for every room in your home.

Where is the Room Located in the Home?

Where is the Room Located in the Home

The first thing to consider when choosing your ideal shutters is the location of the room. Rooms have different needs. If you have a bedroom, you want tier on tier shutters that block out light and offer optimal privacy. Thankfully, most shutter styles such as plantation shutters offer this versatility.

Unlike standard blind and drape window treatments, shutters are designed to shut tight for ideal privacy and open wide to allow light to flood the space when necessary. Therefore, in rooms such as bedrooms that require some versatility in the privacy department, shutters are perfect.

How Often Will You Use the Space?

Most rooms in homes get ample use such as bathrooms and kitchens, but there are other rooms in our homes that tend to get much less use. Rooms such as attics, loft spaces, and storage areas can sometimes remain neglected, but still must have some form of window treatments available for ample privacy. Attic or loft shutters work well in these spaces as they offer substantial privacy to keep your valuables safe without the need for continual maintenance.

The problem with standard window treatment options in these spaces is they can fade and become a hotbed for pests entering the home. These pests can go undetected and cause supreme damage before anything is ever noticed by the homeowner. Shutters are naturally fade resistant and do not attract attention from pests like fabric sometimes can. They are also easy to clean with a simple wipe down, so when too much dust accumulates in these ill-used rooms of your home, cleaning is effortless.

Window Shape

When choosing the right shutters for the rooms of your home, window shape will need to be taken into account. Some homeowners neglect to include shutters as options for their windows because they are under the misconception that only drapes and fabric window treatment options are available for odd shaped windows. Various window shapes add value to a home and give it a unique appearance and shutters, thankfully can add to their unique quality. Shutters are completely customizable and can be made to fit any window shape. Conservatory shutter tend to perform better with customized windows as they can be used for both skylights and wall mounted windows.

What is Your Budget?

Investing in your home’s window treatments is not something that should be taken lightly. For those that wish to cheapen the look of their home, standard options such as blinds and drapes are inexpensive, but offer little for the overall look of the space. Shutters are more expensive, but no matter which room you choose to install them in, they are a permanent fixture. Shutters pay you back over time substantially more than standard window options by adding value and durability to any space. Going cheap should not be an option if you are truly invested in the future of your home.

Think on Color

The color of your home should be an extension of your personality. Individual rooms, such as bedrooms and offices can vary greatly when it comes to color, but thankfully, shutters are available in a range of colors to fit any space. For darker motif’s consider wood shutters featuring dark woods. For a lighter space such as a pastel colored living area, light or white colored shutters will offer substantial light and versatility. The advantage of standard white shutters is that they go with all colors and should you sell the property, will add the most value to potential buyers.

Shutters are a permanent solution and when installing them into the rooms of your home, carefully consider these points. Shutters are a beautiful addition to any space and offer substantial benefits such as ample privacy and even temperature control. Homeowners invest a lot in their homes, but if they have yet to invest in quality crafted shutters, they are doing their home and their family a disservice. Choose beautiful wood shutters for every room in your home and get the magazine quality home look you have always dreamed of.