How Do Electronic Mouse Repellents Work?

The thought of getting rid of all your pest problems by plugging in an electric device into your socket is something that fascinates a lot of homeowners. To be honest, it makes your work a lot easier than chasing these pesky critters through the hard to reach areas in your home. That is the allure of using an ultrasonic mouse repellent. But do these magic mice deterrents work?

What are ultrasonic pest repellents?

What are ultrasonic pest repellents

The Ultrasonic pest repellents are devices that emit high-frequency noises that repel and eliminate certain pests such as bugs and mice that normally invade your home. Most homeowners who are plagued by mice and bugs often wonder if these repellents are an effective method of getting rid of pests. ‘

How do Ultrasonic pest repellents work?

This idea was first used by the Chinese thousands of years ago. They discovered a mechanism that was manually operated and emitted sounds that expelled pests and bugs from their crop fields. Ultrasonic devices work in the same sense but use ultrasound which means a sound of more than 20,000 Hz. This particular sound is undetectable by the human ear. It is believed that this sound has some effects on pests causing confusion, seizures, convulsion, and even death. Pests are then supposed to leave the area for a friendlier environment since the sound emitted causes distress.

Do Ultrasonic mouse repellents work?

Do Ultrasonic mouse repellents work

Most reviews on the ultrasonic mouse repellents find that they are not as effective as expected. At least without using some sort of trapping solution. These sound waves will often prompt the rodents or mice to scurry away from where they hide, however, they won’t get them completely out of your property. A joint effort is usually beneficial.

The US Federal Trade Commission also issued a warning to manufacturers of ultrasonic devices, citing that their claims needed to be backed up by scientific research. Also, if you look in a little deeper into various products, you will notice that they have mixed results regarding certain pests which aren’t convincing. Ultrasonic pest repellents are by no means a quick fix since they do not guarantee homeowners 100% effectiveness on any invasive pests. Therefore, it’s recommended that they are used as a part of your overall pest control Toronto management system and not as a miracle worker.

Pros and cons of using Ultrasonic mice repellents


  • It’s a safe device to use, helping homeowners avoid the use of a toxic chemical that could be harmful to pets and humans as well.
  • They are an inexpensive pest control method since you only need to buy it once
  • They work for a variety of different pests which makes it a one fits all kind of pest controller as opposed to other pest control methods that will tackle one pest at a time.


  • They are controversial, and their effectiveness is often questioned with some scientific studies suggesting that they do not work at all.
  • Some accounts prove that these devices will not work for certain pests, while others suggest that the pests can adapt to the frequencies emitted.
  • They are short-range and will only work for particular living space and not the entire home. Therefore, depending on where the pests are, you might have to use more than one device.