Bored With Regular Decor? 6 DIY Ideas for Your Dream Vacation Getaway!

Here are the decorative ideas that you can use at your favorite getaway house:

That sprawling garden overlooking the mountains, the wild dog destroying your bushes, a fancy private bar, and total absolute silence. Sounds enticing? All of these are luxuries that you will not find in your average house inside a city. The simple pleasures in life that can no longer be found in the urban landscape and can only be fulfilled at farmhouses.

This is a getaway spot where all your craziest fantasies can come true. Doing the decor of your farmhouses is one of the best aspects of owning one. Personal experimentation and style are optimized to the fullest extent. Your farmhouse decor could either be a rustic look, gothic architecture, or theme-based interiors. Deciding what to choose can be tricky as it depends on your budget, location, taste, and other factors. We are here to quench all those desires you have for designing an ideal farmhouse.

Here are the decorative ideas that you can use at your favorite getaway house:

1. Barn boards are in

Sitting by your fireplace, listening to Johnny Cash… giving you all the right feels? A barn board is a clever way to add a bit of the older cultural history to your living room. When placed at an ideal spot, it also can also exude a countryside charm. Normally, barn boards are used with large furniture, walls, and flooring. It is a thoughtful addition for everyone who likes to revel in the country vibes.

farmhouse decor3

2. Feeling woody

Liked the idea of a barn board? Well, you’ll love this one too. An unfinished beam of wood provides you with a similar effect to that of a barn board. If you like the idea of immersing yourself in nature and wildlife, then installing these beautiful beams of wood on your walls or ceilings can allow you achieve the same. It could also be used for the dual purpose of attaching lights.

3. Old (but gold) school

Vintage decor or furniture is a timeless style that can go well with any place, be it your city house or farmhouse. The charm of rustic furniture will look great at a reading spot or the fireplace inside the hall. You can use combinations of different antique pieces picked up from thrift shops and complete the old-world feel.

Finish it up with an old fashioned bed with wooden side tables and vintage lamps or two high seated chairs in your balcony along with a small round stone table to place that coffee mug.

4. The weathered trick

Unfinished pieces of furniture, ancient collectibles, or rough wood are magical in creating the weathered, roughed-up farmhouse look. Giving that aged look to furniture and cutlery adds to your decor. It can be strangely cozy, try it.

Don’t misunderstand us, this does not mean that you put fungal-infused furniture and completely rotten wood that are a dilapidated condition. The point is to invest in a look that feels used and worn out.

farmhouse decor1

5. Comforting Slipcovers

Slipcovers are the real and practical solution to comforting yourself and your guests. They are casual and have a very calming effect on a room. Naturally, they do not necessarily need to be upholstered. Throw a slipcover on a chair or sofa for that soft feel that’ll comfort you after a long day.

6. Linen Blend

When you are in a small space like a studio apartment, there is nothing better than making the space richer using linen. Long white flowy curtains, cozy sofa sets, and wooden furniture add to the look.

The beauty of linen is that it can go well with almost any kind of room — be it the hall, the bedroom, or the guest room. It can complement most kinds of fabrics — silk, wicker, or cotton. It even looks great with stone, wood, and glass. Linen house-accessories are a super versatile accessory that will add comfort and class to your getaway farmhouse.


We aren’t entirely exaggerating when we declare that farmhouses are getaway homes where dreams come true. Maintaining a particular design or sense of style can be tricky, which is why we have given you some of the most basic yet classy decor ideas that can be mixed and matched, and then implemented. Feel free to pour in your ideas and add them to this list.