8 Ideas to Make Your Garage More Livable

Especially the DIY techs that can be done by the person himself in less time and less money. Because such spaces don’t need a big hard work to be decorated.

Many people take their garage for granted. They only use it to park car or throw away some trash in there. They need to consider it a part of the home and decorate and beautify it same as their living section.

Even if it is a small spaced area, it can be easily decorated. Many ideas from DIY techniques and Pinterest can be helpful.

Especially the DIY techs that can be done by the person himself in less time and less money. Because such spaces don’t need a big hard work to be decorated.

There are several ideas which can be worked on to make your garage more livable and beautiful. Some of them are as follows.

1. Paintjob

Paint the walls of your garage in some funky design. It should be brighter than the usual paint of the rest of the home. If your home is of some light shade, make the garage brighter.

Granite grip is the best for the garage as it gives the best elite garage look. Grey, beige or tan can be best for a messy person as they are easier to be cleaned than some light color.

The front door of the garage is the home’s focal point. And it should be chosen with consideration of the rest of the exterior of the home like sides, bricks, roof, shutter, windows, walls, main gate, etc.

2. Signal booster

When you have a long term work in the garage, and chances are you can get bored easily, get a signal booster fixed in there. Play songs on the internet while working or in free time.

If your garage is a workshop too, make sure you have a good size bench, which is comfortable enough to be seated on. Place a TV along and a coffee table. The lamp will be a plus in case of load shedding.

3. Air pass

Make windows and ventilators in the wall, so air passes by. This will make your garage bearable in hot weather. As it is very suffocating in a cubbyhole. No one would want to stand in such a place.

Ventilators are one of the best options as air and light both can easily pass by. Because they are made at the top of the wall under the roof of the room.

4. Epoxy the garage floor

Car wheels make the floor rough and tough and hence it needs pampering same as the walls. Get the best wooden sheet for your floor. If you are not into sheets, get your floor polished. And clean it with detergent and a brush.

If you are an artist, utilize your skill and draw funky designs on the floor with permanent colors. So they don’t come off in small time. You can shine it will oil and grease, but it makes the chances of falling bigger.

Gym type of rubber tiles is also an alluring option. Combination of red and black with giving it a more appealing look.

5. Washing sink

Always make a utility sink in garage, leading with soap and other necessary stuff. As it is an essential part of any working place.

After cleaning up the dirt and mess, you always want the water to clean your hands. Or to wash your garage, you can connect a water pipe and wash your garage with it.

6. Sitting arrangement

If your garage is spacious, you can put sofas and tables. For example, if it is an open area connected to your lawn. Put a sitting set in front of it and decorate it with pillows too, leading with a projector and a wall T.V.
Sitting arrangement
Put plants outside the door of the garage for a better look. Indoor plants are also a good idea.

7. Safekeeping

Keep your garage safeguard. A comfy garage is warm in winters and pleasant in hot weather.

Insulation is best for such spaces. If you have less space, you can call an expert for getting them installed in your room through pipelines, etc. that is also very helpful.

8. Utilize the junk

If you have spare tires etc. turn them into something useful. Like tables, flower sections, etc. utilize extra sheets as curtains. If there are some irons bars, fix them on the walls to put indoor plants on them. A wooden bar can be turned into a sliding door.

Make racks out of waste wood to put things in it. Some unusable baskets as hook keepers. Make shelves with the waste woods or iron bars and raise them from the floor. It will make your room spacious.