5 Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating Your Home

Moving into your new house is very exciting, but what’s more exciting is decorating your new place. Sometimes, people go overboard without realizing that they’ve made many mistakes while decorating. Your home’s décor should reflect your personal style and preferences, but it should also follow the rules of interior designing.

Here are the five mistakes you should avoid when decorating your home:

Don’t Start Painting before Testing the Color

Don’t Start Painting before Testing the Color

When decorating, it is important not to get overexcited and paint the room before testing it. You can get mini samples and test the paint on your wall. Once you have seen the color in the day and night, then you can decide if it is the shade for your room or not.

Don’t Pick Small Rugs

Rugs can really change the look of a room and that’s why people invest in them. But some people buy small rugs to save money. A rug’s size depends on the size of the room, but it should never be too small. If a rug isn’t under all the furniture then it is useless. Your rug should cover the base of all furniture and leave some room around it open. When a rug doesn’t cover the whole floor, it makes the room look bigger.

If you end up buying a rug that can’t cover all the furniture then at least the front legs of your biggest pieces and all four legs of smaller pieces should be on it.

Don’t Line Furniture against the Wall

Don’t Line Furniture against the Wall
For many people, stacking the furniture against the wall looks like the logical thing to do. Maybe there was a time when this décor style worked for people. But in today’s world, there is no place for rooms with furniture stacked against walls and big space in the middle. That middle space ruins the vibe of a place and does not fit in with the setting of a home.

A better design choice is to keep the furniture away from the wall and assemble it around a coffee table. This would not only be a better seating arrangement, but also leave space around the edges of the room and make it seem bigger than it is.

Don’t Hang Art Pieces Too High

Don’t Hang Art Pieces Too High
Everyone wants their rooms to look aesthetically pleasing and for that they buy numerous art pieces and get pictures framed to decorate their walls. But even the best art piece cannot make your room look artsy if it isn’t in the right spot.

As a rule, art pieces should be at eye level so people don’t have trouble viewing and appreciating them. By eye level, it doesn’t mean that the bottom of the art piece should be at eye level. The space between 5’3″ and 5’8 is the right place to hang art in the rooms.

If decoration pieces aren’t your thing but you still want your walls to look trendy, wall art is a great option. A very famous type of it is the map wall art in which maps of different places of the world can be put on the wall. You can easily find wall art online or at home décor stores.

Don’t Rely on One Type of Lighting

Sure, chandeliers are great and many people’s favorite type of lighting but when you decorate a room, you have to make practical decisions. One type of lighting won’t be enough in a room and dim spaces do not look inviting. When you choose lights for a room, don’t rely on just overhead lighting or lamps, but utilize all of them. Use table lamps and floor lamps. Try different types of overhead lighting. You can also get shelf lights installed to light them up and show off your books or other knick knacks.

Decorating your home is fun until you make common mistakes — you may end up not liking it at all. The best thing to do is to plan ahead and think of ways to avoid filling up your house with too many extra things. Remember to set your rooms according to a theme — buy furniture, curtains, rugs, lamps etc. according to the theme.