5 Gifts to Give Newlyweds to Start Their Home

Whether you are invited to a wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, or just need a gift for their housewarming party, gift buying for a newly married couple can be daunting. Depending on the situation, they may be combining existing households, it could be a second marriage, or it could be a new venture altogether. Regardless of the circumstances, we have put together a list of suggestions that will help you to give a gift that will be appreciated.

{ 1 } Heavy Duty Stand Mixer

This kitchen appliance has stood the test of time for being one of those items you will use for recipes of all types. And buying a quality one can be a gift that lasts a lifetime. If the newlywed couple likes to cook, they will appreciate this when it comes time to whip up mashed potatoes or make their first birthday cake together. A high-quality, durable stand mixer is great for making meal prep for the new couple easy. From mixing dough for homemade bread to whipping up mashed potatoes for a delicious meal, this is a standard appliance that can be used on a day to day basis. Many of the current models come with an array of attachments that can do everything. For example, a heavy-duty stand mixer could have several add-on components that transform it into an ice cream maker, food grinder, rotor slicer and shredder, spiralizer and a pasta maker.

{ 2 } Garment Steamer

When you buy your gift for the newlywed couple, you may be trying to give a present that will meet a specific need or is listed on their gift registry. Sometimes you can think out of the box, and get them an item they will use, but perhaps did not think of right away. A garment steamer is a fantastic way to meet the needs of a working couple so that they can easily prep clothes – or even use it for steaming household items like drapery. They will be thankful for the time they don’t have to spend ironing clothes so that they can be together! Plus it will save them a lot of money on their dry cleaning bills!

{ 3 } Decorative Candle Holder Centerpieces for the Dining Table

Some gifts are not only made to be functional but decorative too. This is one of the main reasons why decorative candle holder centrepieces are often great newlywed presents. These thoughtful gifts can not only enhance their new abode by but also provide ambience on those evenings when they are eating their meals by candlelight for two.

{ 4 } Meal Subscription

Setting up a new home takes time, and having all the ingredients on hand is not usually the case for newlyweds. This doesn’t even consider the lack of time that they might have if they are both working full time. Give the couple the gift of a month’s worth of meals so that they can not only spend time cooking together, but they can enjoy a delicious meal that is brought to them by you! Going out to dinner is a treat, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and be cosy with the one you love, and this gives them a great option to do just that.

{ 5 } Slow Cooker

Today’s slow cookers have been designed to take away a lot of the headaches of meal preparation. Because it can be difficult to put enticing hot meals on the table on a regular basis, the newlyweds will always appreciate a little help. Also, since meals should be a special time and not a microwave meal, you can give the couple a blend of both worlds. For instance, even if both people are gone all day away from home, they can still come back to a hot meal that can be enjoyed together. All the couple must do is toss some of their favourite ingredients in this technologically advanced gadget, turn it on, and then leave for the day.

Slow cookers have been designed to make awesome stews, potluck dinners, and one pot meals. Well-designed slow cookers should be made to include a removable stoneware pot so that you can easily clean and transport your dish. These removal containers can serve multi-purposes (i.e., serving dish for the dining table and outdoor picnics).

Whatever gift idea you go with, make sure it includes a great card with your wishes for the couple to have many years of wedded bliss in their new home.