4 Signs That You Should Call a Plumber Immediately

Plumbing is one of those things you can’t fix yourself very easily most of the time. However, a lot of people have a tendency to ignore smaller issues until they fix them. But these issues could aggravate over time and turn into something much more serious, and costly. That’s why it’s essential that you consider consulting a professional if you notice any signs that there could be something wrong with your plumbing system. Here are a few signs that you should call a plumber immediately.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor Water Pressure

This is the type of issue a lot of people overlook or think is normal for their area. The problem with water pressure problems is that there can be tons of different causes behind it. It may be caused by your municipality’s water supply, blockages in the pipes, or bad pipe design. Only a professional will be able to pinpoint where the problem originates from and fix it.

No or Little Hot Water

If you have no hot water, then it usually means that there’s a water heater failure. Water heater problems can be caused by different issues and could be the sign of total failure or a minor defect with one of the components. Either way, it’s better to leave everything pertaining to your water heater to a professional. Water heaters operate on either gas or electrical systems and mishandling those could result in major damage to you and your home.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can be caused by a variety of issues as well. But regular backups are often caused by sewer line issues. Sediment build-up, tree roots, or non-flushable materials can lead to sewer line blockages.

You shouldn’t try to clean your sewer line using a rodding machine or chemicals, as you could cause severe damage that could cost much more to repair later on. If you live in Charlottesville, only a Charlottesville plumber will be able to identify the root of the issue and use the proper means to fix it. Trying to fix your sewer line yourself will not only expose your home to raw sewage but could cause damage to your neighborhood’s lines as well, which could expose you to severe repercussions and even more costs.

When Remodeling a Bathroom

When Remodeling a Bathroom
You shouldn’t only contact a plumber when having issues, however. You should also call them to prevent them, like when you’re remodeling a bathroom, for instance. A plumber will be able to advise you on your project and the things you should reconsider if you want to limit costs. If you’re doing it yourself, you also want them to handle anything that has to do with sewer lines. Also, they’ll be able to give you safety advice to make sure you reduce the chances of accidents.


If you run across any of these issues, we suggest you contact a plumber in your area immediately. They will be able to find the cause behind the issue quickly and use the proper methods to fix it. You can also check out this comprehensive water heater troubleshooting guide for more information.