3 Tips to Designing a Breakfast Nook

There are three things to keep in mind when designing a breakfast nook for your home.

Cozy, compact, and convenient, breakfast nooks make your kitchen’s interior design a little brighter and your mornings a little better. If you’re wondering what on earth a breakfast nook is, it’s a dinette located separately from the main dining room, usually in the corner of a kitchen. It’s the ideal space for sipping your morning coffee or reading the paper.

Depending on your kitchen and your home’s overall style, your breakfast nook will vary. For apartments and smaller spaces, the breakfast nook may even serve as the main dining area. For this reason, it’s important to make it as stylish and tasteful as possible.

There are three things to keep in mind when designing a breakfast nook for your home.

#1)Find a cozy location for it.

Alcoves are perfect for the placement of a breakfast nook. Charming and snug, they designate a an unobtrusive little spot. If your alcove has built-in seating, it even cuts your work in half. Then, all you have to do is seek out a table.

If your kitchen area doesn’t have an alcove, a corner will also do (hence the term, breakfast “nook”). To keep it a peaceful space, it shouldn’t be right in the middle of the kitchen where all the hubbub goes on. Designate a small corner, and consider even putting up a canopy or some curtains to separate it and add a touch of elegance.

#2)Furnish it.

Once you’ve carved out the perfect little space for your breakfast nook, it’s time to furnish it. Bistro tables and chairs are the perfect accents for a breakfast nook, giving it a Parisian café vibe. A beautiful cast iron table with a vintage table base would be a luxurious touch for a more traditional, upscale nook.
If you prefer to go the more modern route, banquette style seating is nothing if not snug and inviting. Install a booth, or use your alcove’s built in seating, accented by a small table. Banquette seating can provide extra storage and a much more congenial atmosphere.

#3)Accessorize accordingly.

To bring your breakfast nook together, add some last-minute decorative touches. A small rug to accent your breakfast nook will define the space better while also adding a pop of color. Play around with throw pillows and banquette/window seat cushions to achieve some color versatility as well.
Much like your dining table, you’ll want a centerpiece to tie the whole façade together. Keep it small and simple, like your breakfast nook. A single flower in a small vase or a decorative nut bowl are at home in a breakfast nook.

Lastly, consider the lighting you wish to use. Most breakfast nooks are highlighted by a single hanging pendant light, either of a modern or more antique style. This will further solidify the space, while also giving it a sense of independence. You don’t want your breakfast nook to blend in too much with the rest of your kitchen. It should be its own established space, and therefore should have its own personality.

Breakfast nooks are a great way to bring the family together in the morning and to give any kitchen a quaint vibe. As you design your breakfast nook, remember it should be a space that is as comfortable as it is fashionable.