Top 7 Toilet Sink Combo

When it comes to redesigning your house, the places that get most of your attention are – Living room, bedroom, kitchen, even laundry rooms for that matter. Toilets on the other hand are always considered last and often less thought about. Speaking of which, we first want to clear one argument. – Many people also think that owning a toilet sink combo isn’t a good idea. But to be honest, this is a perfect solution to compact houses with small bathroom spaces. This will also work for people who think that their sink and toilets take up more space than usual.

So, we are here to nudge you in thinking about transforming your bathroom with these amazing combo ideas we have listed below.

1. The contemporary Grey and White Combo

Toilet Sink Combo1

These two colors are the modern match combos made in designing heaven (if such a place ever existed)! It is a very fresh color palette that brings chicness to any room’s decor. You can play along by installing a grey matte bricked wall with a clean white sink combo.

2. Nothing tops a wooden finish

Toilet Sink Combo2

Similar to the above aesthetic, this combo is still sooo stylistically different. Adding a wooden element in your design will elevate the bathroom even more. The wooden cabinets here look very enticing and to continue with the earthy vibe brought by the wood, you can incorporate plants into your bathroom. And, if you are too lazy to care for plants or saplings, you can always go back to succulents.

You can also add in different textured earthy elements such as a jute mat and curtains made from canvas fabric.

3. Compact yet Elegant

Toilet Sink Combo3

As discussed above, a sink toilet combo need not be space consuming. Even when you clearly don’t have luxurious space for accommodating one. Everything comes down to planning smart layouts – and the picture is a great example. Even after being compact, it carries an elegance of its own without making it look crowded. This toilet and sink combination is a classic idea to try out.

4. Let some Natural light come in!

Toilet Sink Combo4

Are you a rustic nature vibing soul? If yes, then you’ll really fall in love with this idea. You can have a powder room that has a transparent roof, allowing natural light to seep in. You can even chill in here without artificial lights distracting you. Even a small library can suit best here.

5. White decor with some fancy Wallpaper goodness

Toilet Sink Combo5

If you don’t want to spend much on altering your bathroom and still want to make it look snatched and classy, then this can be your idea to catch. This is the trendiest solution today which allows you to achieve a fancy look without spending much. For achieving this, simply choose a textured wallpaper suiting your choices. If you ask us, we suggest you go for a woody tone, neutral dark shades that will later compliment the white toilet and sink combination.

6. The Conventional Toilet and Sink Combo –


This sink toilet combo is perfect for sauna lovers who prefer muted colors and a soft vibe. – Nothing fancy. A space that is traditional yet modern. You can even match the flooring with your wall tiles for a cohesive effect.

7. A stylish-looking space saver.


Who doesn’t love a sleeky, curved design like this one? This is the showstopper out of the list. Its curves and edges are a perfect setting for a fancy mini apartment. The unique design of this a contemporary take on the classic toilet and sink combo. It conveniently leaves behind some space to allow you in marking other bathroom essentials off your checklist.

With this, The Arch Digest’s list comes to an end. These were our remarkable bathroom ideas to help curb your tiny bathroom design dreams. This list is suitable for all you readers out there who fall under the below-mentioned categories –

  • A large and spaciour OR tiny and mini bathroom owner
  • The ones who do not wish on spending much but still want to have a classy bathroom
  • Those who want a peaceful and zen, sauna-like bathroom at home
  • The ones who are a sucker for natural tones or mdoern day elegance.

…we tried covering everyone of y’all.

But, even after all this, we are not done. We thought of giving you some smart tips to optimize your bathroom space and help you plan your bathroom by incorporating the american standard toilet and sink combo.

  1. Using sliding doors – By installing sliding doors in your bathroom, you can separate your sink toilet combo from your shower or bathing space. Sliding doors are easy to insta, cheap and a great idea for small bathrooms. They don’t even take up much space. So, compartmentalising your toilet and bathing areas is the wise way to move forward.
  2. You can try fitting in a pedestal sink instead of settling for your desired bathroom style.

If you are unaware about pedestal sinks, they look like this. –

Toilet Sink Combo8

We hope these remodeling list and tips help you.