Top 5 Tile Designs to Consider

If you are looking to update the tile in your home, and make a statement while doing it, there are some great trends for you to check out. When you are designing a new home, or remodeling an existing room, you want to be sure that you are creating the vibe you want for each room. There are many options, materials, and design approaches you can take, but if you have decided you want to use tile, then there are some great designs out there to help create the ambiance you want. Take a look at these tile designs, and take a look at more awesome ideas here: Versatile and Stone. You will be amazed at the difference a tile design can make for your room.

Hexagonal Tiles

Break away from standard square tiles for a unique and noticeable change by using hexagon-shaped tiles. This trend in tiles creates a completely different feeling from classic square tiles, even if you choose the same color or material that you would have. When you choose a different shape for your tiles, for either walls or floors, you will get an unexpected pattern that your guests are certain to notice.

Patterned Tiles

Tiles alone create a wonderful pattern in any room they are installed in, but you can step up your design when you choose patterned tiles. These unique designs will give a strong personality to your room that goes beyond shape or color. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can create as vibrant or hypnotic a look as you want, giving you complete control over the feel of your room.

Zellige Tiles

Merge modern and traditional styles when you use zellige tiles in your home. These handmade mosaic tiles are a unique and noteworthy option straight from Morocco, and their imperfections, different shapes, and various colorations will inject a true sense of individuality into your room. When you choose zellige tiles, you can be certain that you are installing a truly unique design in your home with these hand-crafted tiles, finished in olive-pit fired kilns.

Scale Tiles

Another option for those looking to break away from the classic, square tile design is scale tiles. These tiles look like fish scales, and can add a layer of personality and unique characteristics to any room. When you choose scale tiles, you want to be sure that you understand what these tight patterns and curves will do you your space, so speak with a designer and take a look at some mock-ups to get a feel for your updated room.

Hand-painted Tiles

One final option to consider for a truly unique design is to go with handpainted tiles. By default, these tiles are each individual, and give you full control over the vibe of your room. Not only can you choose your patterns, but you can choose your color palette, depth, and range of colors, and everything else that goes into your design decisions. For people looking for true individuality and imperfection with their tile designs, handpainted is the ultimate chance for unique expression.

Speak With a Professional

When you are deciding on tile designs for a remodel or new construction, it will be extremely helpful to speak with a professional. If you are looking for a design that follows current trends, sticks with the classics, or expresses your unique individuality, a consultation with an experienced tiling pro will ensure that you understand what to expect with each option.