Top 5 Decorative Wall Lamps To Add To Your Home Decor (and why you’ll want one in every room)

If your walls could talk, what would they be saying about your home decor style? Your walls showcase your personal style which is typically reflected in the art work and paint colors you choose for your walls. When you think about wall decor, do you automatically think of photos, paintings, clocks and other wall accessories? One type of wall decor which is often overlooked is the wall lamp. Did you know that wall lamps are an easy way to add warmth and beauty to a space? They decorate your walls like a piece of art, while also providing various levels of lighting.

Decorative wall lamps are ideal for illuminating dark corners and for decorating in tricky places such as recessed areas, stairwells or rooms with very high ceilings. When a spot in your room needs a little something, but art work is too big or just not ideal for the space, consider decorative wall lights. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Here are a few of our favorite wall lamps for brightening any area of your home. Consider wall lights as a bedside lighting solution, use a retractable wall light above a reading chair or place a few wall sconces in a dining nook. Get creative and start using wall lights as the unique decorative accessories that they are.

1. Use wall sconces to capture attention while creating a focal point

Wall Lamps1

A wall light doesn’t need to scream “look at me”. Using a wall sconce that adds light in several directions, skimming a wall with a warm glow or shining a direct spotlight on an object or feature, is a fabulous way to showcase accessories, architectural details or textures. Accent lights add dimension to a room’s overall lighting and can, in a very subtle way, draw attention to plants, pieces of art, pictures, detailed brick or stonework.

2. Layer your lighting to create tiers of beauty

Wall Lamps

Living rooms are generally large and open areas. Rather than rely on a single ceiling light or a floor lamp, why not add ambient light to the room with wall lamps. Decorative wall lights are perfect for providing enough light in a room where family and friends gather. By using more than one style of lamp to light a room, you’re layering with different light sources which helps you see properly but also adds a decorative element to the space.

3. Use wall lamps for task lighting in an office or living room

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Wall lights can add a soft glow above a mantel or they can be directed downwards to cast stronger light on a chair or sofa as task lights. This style of wall light acts as a spotlight to either highlight an art object or showcase an architectural feature, or it can shine much needed light on a work table or reading area. There are so many casual as well as fancy wall lights to suit all decor styles, making it easier than ever to utilize wall lamps to add a decorative as well as practical touch to a room.

4. Add elegance to a space with gorgeous finishes and tinted shades

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A sleek metal wall sconce is an excellent choice when you want a minimalist look that is simple yet sophisticated. Black fabric lamp shades or tinted glass ones are perfect when you want to add a formal touch to a space. Metal wall lamps add a timeless and elegant look while also blending in any setting. If wall art or patterned furniture is already making a room look busy, choose slender decorative wall lights that enhance your room with luxurious metal tones like brass, silver or gold. They will enhance the space while toning it down at the same time. Choose frosted or smoke grey shades and opt for warm light bulb temperatures (yes, that’s a thing) if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere, or opt for cool lighting and a white shade if you are looking for brighter options.

5. Give your interior a design refresh with trendy wall lights that work double duty as art objects

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A little light can go a long way (and we don’t just mean illumination-wise). When your room needs a design update, refresh the space by adding unique wall lamps that instantly change the look and feel of the entire room. Consider wall lamps above bedside tables and replace tired or outdated table lamps. Stylish wall lights in unusual shapes are always a bold addition and can fit into any decor schemes.

Lighting has come a long way. You can find decorative wall lights to suit every need for any size of room. Whether you’re looking for modern wall lamps to add to your home decor or you’re more traditional in your design style, check out the gorgeous wall lamp options available to you before committing to just one. Lights aren’t boring any more! Have fun lighting every area of your home by choosing wall lights for their visual appeal in addition to the light that they provide.