Top 10 Online Jobs With Flexible Hours

Remote work. You work full time at home.

Flexible scheduling is an amazing opportunity to spend the morning with your children, and work when your spouse is engaged with them. This is an opportunity to work from Monday to Thursday, and to engage in your own project or to visit your parents on Friday. This is an opportunity to take a breath after the project is completed – every month, every six months or a year. Having finished work on the project, you can rest, if finances allow, or be taken for a new one. Nothing can be more interesting than diversity. Jobs with flexible hours help to achieve a work-life balance.

There are several scenarios according to which you can organize work taking into account your personal wishes:

Remote work. You work full time at home.

Part-time jobs with flexible hours. Working hours are negotiated and can be changed.
Project work. The terms of start and deadline are stipulated. You can not only do work when and where you want, but also take breaks between orders.

Full time with flexible hours. For example, two days a week you can work from home.
Another additional option of flexible hours jobs – you can negotiate your working hours. And yes, there are a lot more employers for whom the result is more important than your presence from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Part-time employment with flexible hours is available in various fields: sales, information technology, journalism, and more. Modern employers are more willing to take a remote employee to their company. In this case, there is a benefit: savings on renting premises, savings on the purchase of office equipment, no need in personnel selection.

All work in this case is performed by people who can be located in any part of the earth. If remote work at home is organized correctly, then the clients of these companies will not even guess that the performers of their orders are freelancers. Often, the most convenient and effective options for working with a flexible working hours are online jobs.

So, let us consider in more detail the various options for working at home with a flexible hours.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

An analyst who will be looking for new growth directions does not need to sit in the office at all. Working remotely, it is easier to look at work from the outside, look for weaknesses, track how its proposals are being implemented, and build relationships with other companies. A proven specialist can claim a high salary and a convenient schedule.


The demand for programmers is not decreasing, and there are not enough good programmers at all. Therefore, many employers are about to go to the fact that the employee stayed at home if he/she is constantly in touch and disciplined to perform tasks.

Document Manager

Document Manager
He/she will have to cope with the planning and support of the transaction, the supervision of related papers, documentation, etc. Sitting at home and doing errands, you can earn a decent salary for a month, devoting your work about five hours.

Sales Manager

More and more companies are not averse to keeping sales managers remotely. The main thing is that a person finds clients, and can contact them from home. Earnings depend entirely on the quantity of the contracts: the manager receives interest from them.


Business woman in office isolated on white
Translating is an ideal work for home, which allows you to change your daily routine to your needs.

Medical Education Editor

Like other editors, medical editors may have remote work at home. Responsibilities will include editing the translation of medical and pharmacological documents, reviewing papers and certificates created by employees, finding inconsistencies.

System Administrator

System Administrator
A specialist who monitors the stable operation of servers does not need to sit next to them – almost all problems can be solved remotely. However, this is a job that requires to stay sharp 24 hours a day, and it is clearly not for everyone.

Call Center Operator

This is a quite common profession. Recently, in order to save on an additional headset, premises and employees (coaches, supervisors, etc.), companies offer a vacancy to a telecom operator. For this you need to have high-speed Internet, headphones, a microphone and a database for calls. Salary depends on the quantity of calls.


Enjoying every moment at work
Those who do not want to work from the office will not lose so much, although finding a suitable job will be more difficult. There is a chance for graphic designers, web designers, UI designers and UX designers. However, to get the cherished work from home, you may need even more impressive portfolio than your colleagues who sit in the office.


In 2019, this is one of the most common flexible schedule jobs. The sudden boom in the world wide web has created great demand for writers. The creators of such texts that would attract visitors to blogs and websites are in demand. Writers have access to the Internet, and all the necessary information is at their fingertips.

A copywriter writes reviews, articles, notes, and even scientific papers. He/she has the opportunity to get paid to write essays and research papers for students. This is done through the stock exchange or social networks, directly in cooperation with the customer. Salary is formed by the number of written characters, themes, the amount of time spent on writing.

Other types of freelancing

Other types of freelancing
This category of people includes those who are engaged in:

  • Audio decoding;
  •  Video editing;
  •  Decoding of print media;
  • Promotion and advertising;
  •  Clicks and video views.

You can get money even from entering captcha.

So, online jobs with flexible hours can give a lot of advantages, giving you an opportunity to be your own boss. The main thing is the desire to develop and the ability to learn new things.