Tips to Select Lighting for Dining Room

Selection of the right lighting for your dining room can be a tricky job. You have to make it a unique decorative statement to provide sufficient light to the table. It will decrease the chances of unwanted glare. You can control the functionality of your dining room by selecting the right pendant lights.

Material plays a vital role in your decision. You can choose a transparent glass for outstanding glow or opaque metal for descending focused light. You are free to choose a size, style, and shape because plenty of options are available. With the help of stylish multi lighting, you can give an elegant look to your dining room.

Multi-Light and Mini Pendant Lighting

A mini pennant may not give sufficient light to your dining table. You can group 3 or even more lights to have a contemporary look. You can choose pre-configured pendants or buy a customized piece. With the help of multi-port canopy for the ceiling, it is easy to match and mix pendants of different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Drum Lighting

With a clean-cut profile, these lightings can be an excellent choice for contemporary dining rooms. These look similar to a drum and available in different materials and sizes. You can get different materials, such as frosted glass to pleated fabric to laser-cut durable metal. These types of lighting may have a bottom diffuser to decrease the glare of light.

Large and Medium Lighting

Large and medium lightings offer great sculptural possibilities over your dining table. These types of lights will help you to keep things simple with large bell-shaped pedants. You can create a fanciful look with frizzy wood and fluffy veneer.
These lightings are suitable to decorate your dining area. If you want to choose this lighting, you should select a 6-inch narrow piece on every side for a small dining table.

Linear Suspensions

These are similar to drum pendants in scale. You can get large and medium pendants with elongated proportions. These are suitable for single fixtures over one rectangular table. Along with a long solo pendant, these models offer several mini pendants in its linear configuration.

Pay Attention to Shape

While choosing a light fixture for your dining room, you have to consider the style, shape, and size of your table. Rounder fixtures are suitable for dining rooms with round dining tables. You can find a beautiful chandelier for your dining room.

  • Linear fixtures are great for an extension or a rectangular table. Multiple pendants can be a flexible option for different shapes of dining tables.
  • Light for your dining room must be 12-inch smaller than a dining table in each direction. For a table of 4-foot, you can choose a 2 feet wide light. For proportion, these lights must be away from 1/3 – 2/3 of the length of a dining table.

Chandeliers and linear pendants are great options for rectangular or long dining tables. You can put one dimmer on the lighting to change the mood of your dining room. Some chandeliers are available with automatic dimmers. You can consider these options as per your budget.