Tips to Maintain Conservatory Furniture and Cushions

A conservatory is one of the most popular places within your property because of the amount of natural light they let in and the best place to enjoy the flowers in your garden while having a cup of tea this Christmas. However, during summers you have to think about the furniture and make sure to protect it from the sun and heat. If your conservatory gets a lot of sun then you have to be extra careful. As the furniture can damage or fade due to continual sunlight. To avoid the negative effects there are some measures which can be taken to protect your conservatory furniture Cushions.

Install roof blinds and windows

One of the most practical options to protect your conservatory furniture is to install a set of roof blinds or windows in your conservatory. By doing this, the light within the space will get blocked, when the days will be light and bright. Make sure you don’t choose one that completely blocks out light since conservatories are a space that homeowners want to fill with natural light and warmth, not with the complete darkness. Choose something like venetian blind with metal or wooden slats that not only stream the light in your space but also block the light where it is most required.

Move your furniture

Another effective way to protect your furniture from the negative effects of exposing to direct sunlight and keeping to the minimum is by moving it around on a regular basis. By changing your furniture within your conservatory in a particular direction or angle not directly under the sunlight will not let it suffer from the sun rays and will remain intact for a longer period. So, all you need to do is simply move or rotate your furniture.

Furniture Feet

When it comes to protecting your conservatory furniture people often overlook the furniture’s feet. While moving the furniture make sure not to drag the feet across pavers or concrete and keep them as clean as the rest of the furniture piece. It is enough to keep the piece in a better condition.

Clean up spills instantly

If any liquid spills onto the furniture, clean it right away with a damp cloth. By not cleaning it for a longer period can turn into a stain. Also, don’t forget to dust your furniture regularly. Invite your guests for a small Christmas gathering and let them ask for referrals, Cane Furniture sets are sure to amaze everyone.

Conservatory furniture cushions maintenance

  • Taking care of your cushions is just as important as taking care of your furniture. Here are a few tips to maintain your cushions appearance and condition:
  • To make your cushions wear evenly, turn and plump them regularly.
  • Any spills or dirt should be removed immediately.
  • Professional dry cleaning is recommended to clean the cushions.
  • To lessen the sun’s exposure to the cushions and frames, use blinds in a conservatory. It is advisable to rotate the cushions on furniture regularly. By doing this, sun rays will not affect the cushion fabric adversely.
  • Instead of your cushions going unnoticed, it may be better to go for the cushions with pale-coloured covers to avoid the dramatic change in the quality, color and look of the cushion. Whether you want to replace the conservatory furniture cushions or want to buy a new one, Cane Direct Furniture is your best bet.

Now that you’ve seen our tips on keeping your conservatory furniture and cushion safe,this christmas bring home some of the best designer Cane Furniture. Also do share with us what are your tips and tricks in the comment section below.